Instagramming Flowers & Crystals


The beauty of mixing flowers and crystals is the magic of the ephemeral and the permanent.  Its like love- fleeting moments of flowery goodness and the permanence of emotional bonds.  Crystals & flowers are everywhere in my home… and wrangled up on my Instagram this week! 

rose quartz

Rose quartz is the definitive stone of love.  Even if it has no magical powers, it does have the sheen and pinkness of massive rock candy.


I’ve always felt that wands of selenite, quartz…big stones keep the orchids blooming.



Citrine orbs are beautiful and filled with speckles and streaks of gold. They are thought to be money-magnetizing stones!


And when your walls are full of pink-red Kool Aid blooms you just can’t be anything other than grateful for the day.

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juliemarg June 20, 2012 at 8:05 pm

Wow beautiful flowers. I love it, the color…the whole picture, great.

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