Instagramming: The Art In Life


This week I found myself startled by how immersed my life has become in the artfulness of the city – Hollywood- in which I live and the way that life unfolds around me. Just like this gorgeous stained-glass window created by RETNA that magically appeared one day…

pink dog

Pink puppies on my doorstep! Hows that for Pop-Art fantastic?

RETNA just happened to be outside painting while I walked by…

LACMA sculpture

A little massive modern art sculpture beside you as you eat in the sun? Yep, that’s Friday!


Watching a baby have her first sip of watermelon juice on the patio at LACMA is precious!

And, of course, sleeping in with Bob as he elegantly folds himself up into repose is nothing short of genius beauty.

The world around you, no matter where you may be, is experientially loaded with things to see, do, touch, smell, taste and get lost in.  Seek out the art around you.  Keep an eye open for it.  Capture it on Instagram.  Share it with me!  Hit me up on Instagram @thetaoofdana and I’ll follow you back to watch your life unfold in pictures!  xoxo Dana

lacy August 5, 2012 at 3:05 pm

Always great to share on

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