Why Your Social Life Makes Your Whole Life Better!

Feng Shui Your Whole Life Tip Of  The Day: Get Social!  When we are going through hard times, many of us like to isolate ourselves and work things out.  While sometimes its necessary to take a little break from things, isolation is not the most effective solution to overcoming challenges most times.  Above is the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid that maps out the stages of development from bottom to top that healthy, happy and extremely successful individuals demonstrate.  The way this pyramid works? If you don’t have a sense of stability in the bottom levels of the pyramid (a home, food, a job, a safe environment around you, good health) it becomes harder to reach higher levels such as total fulfilment and transcendence that so many of us desire.  We try to skip steps and the pyramid collapses.  (you can learn much more about this HERE)  Take a good look at this pyramid and you will see that a sense of belongingness is right smack in the middle of the pyramid. 

Socializing (i.e., being social, mixing with the group, connecting to your environment through people) is critical to have flourishing in your life to feel a stable sense of self-confidence and achieve on a high level.  So, when in doubt or minor crisis, don’t isolate….assimilate!  Your social life is so important to conquering challenges, building self-esteem and reaching your goals, too!  If you are feeling uninspired, blue or generally down about your life or your work, start making plans to do things with friends and lovers today! xoxo Dana

Priti July 12, 2012 at 9:54 am

Hey, while I was pursuing my MBA this was one of the topic taught to us. Maslow’s need Hierarchy Theory explains each and every need of person when he achieves something and steps to another. That’s so true…am heading towards Esteem needs. Thank you for reminding it again. 🙂

danaclaudat July 12, 2012 at 1:48 pm

Love to hear that MBA programs cover Maslow! This stuff rocks!

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