Nature Sets The Stage For True Abundance!

If you are feeling like there is too little money, time, love or opportunity to go around and you are in a perpetual lack, it might be time to tap into the utter prosperity and wonder of nature to make a major shift from “never enough” to “always fulfilled”!

It helps a whole lot to get out of your head and deeply into your body and feeling all it’s energetic magnificence.  It also helps a whole lot to slow down and open your eyes to the magnificence that is everywhere.

Natural prosperity is not just about money- when you are rooted in the flow of nature and grounded, that energy opens up the lower energy centers of your body and provides you with a greater sense of security and stability.

If you feel like you always are in “survival mode” just scraping by in life, you may experience a great sense of relief and possibility by getting rooted in nature.

Barefoot walks on the beach or an afternoon perched against a tree can be quick ways to plug you into more natural prosperity.

A nice pile of crystal is a glamorous way to add abundance to your home or office.  Not only do you get the radiant energy that crystals conduct, you get the earth-shattering beauty of crystal at the same time.

A field of flowers is breathtaking.  While you might not have a local “field”, if you have a yard that you can seed with wildflowers, you have a major patch of abundance growing on your property.

Images of flowers in a field are a great substitution if you are looking for a sense of abundant beauty to infuse within your life.

And, let’s not forget that we are most fortunate if our nourishment is abundant.

A big bowl of fresh fruit every week on your kitchen table, a garden patch in your backyard, or a well-stocked veggie crisper in your refrigerator are great places to start “infusing” your body with a sense of abundant fortune and gratitude.

Remember: if we can focus on what we have, not what we lack, we tend to gain good fortune in every way!



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Jia Ni August 2, 2012 at 2:17 am

Such beautiful words, Dana! Thank you so much for this – nature really embodies abundance. Everything exists abundantly. Thank you love. x

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