Healthy Habit Of The Week: Cinnamon & Honey!

Cinnamon & Honey in some hot water= a cinnamon tea of sorts, with a twist of wellness.

Usually I go about half a teaspoon of cinnamon to about two teaspoons of honey in a mug filled with hot water and stir very well.  This one is an old favorite of mine when it starts to get cooler outside.

Not only does it help make achey muscles better, I feel warmer inside, energized and just overall better.  This “cinnamon & honey cure” was first recommended to me by my genius accupuncturist Dr. Wing at Yo San Clinic in Los Angeles.  He said that this cinnamon tea would help me boost my immune system in the colder months.

Others say it helps with arthritis pain, staves off heart disease, improves circulation, helps hair grow and much, much more, though I have not seen any real scientific proof.

When I first heard of this “tea” I thought that with organic cinnamon and local honey it seemed fairly harmless to experiment with, and it has proven to be a total boost of vitality in my Fall and Winter that I love…and that is proof enough for me!  Oh, yes, and it is super yummy! xoxo Dana

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