Fast Feng Shui : Bright Casual Flowers



This is Spring at its finest: freshly-popped neon blooms casually stuck in clear glass vessels you have lying around the house.  Whether you are re-using the glass bottles from your favorite sparkling water, the thrift store finds stuck in a cabinet, or old glasses and mason jars, casual flowers are a fabulous way to bring Spring into your space in an eclectic manner.  A handful of flowers can ignite your imagination! 

wine bottle vase

(eat, drink, chic) 

Go to a flower shop and, in lieu of a pre-made bouquet, just grab a few of the blooms that catch your fancy.  No need to match, no need to worry…just casually display your selection alone or in eclectic groups. Its an exciting way to keep your home engaging, as each selection of flowers will tell a fresh story.   On that note of floral storytelling,  HERE are some of the richly symbolic meanings behind many common Spring flowers!  xoxo Dana

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