Artfully Fun Walls, Creatively Styled



Whether its a latch-hook craft rug or a fantastic, giant piece of art, these walls make for big fun!minter_art


How can you help but love a giant Marilyn Minter dosing a wall with joy!



Totally fantastic maps as wallpaper!

paper fans walls


Loving the baubles and fun paper fans adorning the wall like costume jewels.

kid art


And who could help but love some kids art in a gathering space?! While this can get overwhelming if not curated, its totally self-esteem building for kids and instills such pride in parents & family!

Live with art! It will transform your space and expand your life! xoxo Dana

Jeanne September 21, 2013 at 12:12 pm

I love all of these!!! I have also framed my daughters art on scrap book paper! It looks amazing and let’s her be proud of her work. I want to put a giant map in my travel gua. Is this too general? My fave is the mirrors and framed artwork. So so charming!!!

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