Where We Feel Emotions In Our Body…Mapped On A Chart!

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(Discover Magazine) 

If you haven’t guessed by now,  the above maps of red and blue are a map of sensations in the body when experiencing many different emotions.  Red and yellow denote more feeling on a gradient up to glowing yellow.  Blue, down to icy blue, represent the absence of feeling.

This map is the result of a test done with over 700 participants from Finland, Sweden & Taiwan.

The brilliance of the results: despite nationality, emotions were physically “felt” the same across the boards in many cases.

From Discover Magazine: 

“Researchers found statistically discrete areas for each emotion tested, such as happiness, contempt and love, that were consistent regardless of respondents’ nationality. Afterward, researchers applied controls to reduce the risk that participants may have been biased by sensation-specific phrases common to many languages (such as the English “cold feet” as a metaphor for fear, reluctance or hesitation). The results are published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.”

So, when a man asked me, “how do you know if you are in love?” my answer should have been, “you feel it… intensely..  in most of your body above the knees!”

What an amazing visual map to remind us to choose happiness whenever there is a choice!

Also, in a feng shui sense, for depression, sadness and other negative emotions that drain the body of “feeling”(and turn the chart numb blue)  the importance of a multi-sensory, textured, exciting environment is amplified even more by these findings.

Provocative wow-factor for the day.  You can read more at Discover Magazine!  xoxo Dana


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Katie December 31, 2013 at 5:03 am

Last Year around this time I had Electric Muscle Stimulation done and the lady pointed out my tender spots. It was mostly my jaw, chest and neck. I couldn’t believe how good it felt afterwards. I understand it a little more now.

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