7 Steps To Mindful Eating!

mindful eating


Mindfulness is not just a fad. If is the way that even medical science is shifting to create balance and harmony in our modern world of lightning speed.

When you are present, everything is dramatically different.

Even your eating habits!

Here’s a challenge: try eating mindfully just once a day. Very very few people mindfully eat these days.   Even just following step 7 and only eating while you are eating is a very big deal. When you mindfully eat you give your body a chance to actually absorb what you are eating in a far more vibrant and energetic way.

For example: sudies have proven we do eat with our eyes. If food looks better, we will potentially digest more nutrients in that food.  You can’t experience that phenemonon while working, watching TV and eating at the same time.

You may be amazed, also, what you eat and what you don’t eat “on the run.”

Are you game for the challenge?!  Wishing you a zillion memorable mindful meals!  xoxo Dana

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