Sophisticated Eggshell Blues & Your Prosperous Home!

eggshell blue

(Jeltje Fotografie)

Light and fresh shades of blue- eggshell, sky, powder, sea glass or baby blue- are my everywhere color… and likely the new color for my dining room, too.  Conservative and traditional, light blues are also wonderful to enhance wisdom, communication and a sense of calm.

Balancing your home with water – an often neglected element- nourishes prosperous wood energy as it elevates a space.

Here’s a bit of powder blue ‘spiration to get you thinking of ways to freshen and add more flow, especially to your office, with classic color.  

powder blues

(better homes & gardens)

I am thinking this is the ideal whisper of a hue for my dining room, which opens up to a living room in very spare eggshell white. In my own house this is the career area and part of the health and fame bagua, too.   Traditionally blues are used in the career area of homes, and to enrich the money area as well.  Let’s not get too stuck on this… but instead, start thinking in terms of where color can create greater overall balance!


(line this up so the bottom row contains your entrance door)

powder blue


Even simple chairs create a transformation in energy.  They feel so light, so fresh, so quiet.

sky blue ceiling


Sky blue ceilings may actually help you focus more vibrantly.  It is like having a piece of the sky at home.

sky blue doors


sky blue

And the lounge effect here is in full effect. This may be the most inviting space I have seen in ages and I just love it!

Color is power.  Embrace it. xoxo Dana


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