The Illusion Of Time & Your Creative Life!

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You can change the past, the present or the future once you stop living attached to the abstract notion of time.

This is actually both science and common sense.

And… if you can conceive of a new way to view time there is endless freedom waiting for you!What a big statement to slap under the photo of a kitten hanging out on a bohemian balcony….!

Of course, I selected this image because it seems as though time is frozen in languishing place here… truly lovely and relaxed and earthy and grounded.  This is the kind of place where I love to lose myself.

Time is the #1 pressure that people seem to feel bound my in some way- whether in regretting the past, fretting over the future and sweating over an anxiety that this giant clock is ticking out of minutes for us to do things that matter.

I think we can all agree that right now-  this very second-  is the only thing guaranteed to us.

But once we think that, it’s already over.

Spooky concept.

Time is also the #1 excuse I hear (and give!!!) for why the house isn’t clean, the job is languishing,  life lacks excitement, exercise can’t get done…

It seems if something is scary or challenging, there is no time for it.

Time is one the greatest cosmic jokes because it is, itself, so plastic that it isn’t what you think it is.

The amazing Dr. Bruce Lipton – in a very animated video!- quite eloquently explains the illusion of time and the implications of this illusion.

If you can suspend all you’ve come to believe about the clock ticking on your cell phone or your watch, and jump into this new way of viewing time, you will see that you are far more the creator of time than you are a prisoner to it!

And…this is very cool science!

xoxo Dana

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