One Big Reason You May Be Attracting Energy Vampires!

energy vampires


Ah, yet again, its not “them” its “us” that is creating the crazy.

I wondered how I attracted some people who were vocal, loud and even righteous and proud of all their problems but short on solutions. Why did so many people show up who really just wanted to use me as an unpaid life coach. Devaluing my time. Taking from me and giving very little.  Pretending to care.


Could it be that I was devaluing my own time and my own worth and my own life?

Yep. Indeed I was!

Its well worth embracing even your very-dark darkness in the serive of making real shifts and creating a world free of energy vampires.  You may think you are worthless, helpless, damned… and owning it, seeing it, understanding it… you can transform it. Its way more effective to meditate, journal or  involve yourself in therapy  or spiritual awakening than it is to surround yourself with people who keep reminding you of your darkest fears about yourself and keep pulling you down as you try to move forward in life!

xoxo Dana


Jeanne September 23, 2014 at 10:14 pm

I know that for me, when you realize these “vampires” are sucking the life out of you, there is clarity about so many other thingsas well. You have to break free and leave these demons behind! The feeling of not having this garbage weighing you down is amazing, liberating and freeing!!!

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