How Love Both Expands Your Life & Acts As A True Fountain Of Youth!

succulents propogating


Here’s one of the more powerful properties of love I’ve ever heard…and it’s science.

We like to “think” about love, and talk about it… but it’s both a feeling and an action, not really a linear pattern or a thought.

Love is a force of nature, for lack of a better word.  Or our most natural force.

Love – and all the presence, happiness and meaning it brings to your life- is meant to multiply and grow just like gorgeous succulent leafs multiply themselves naturally.  If you over-water them or complicate the propogation process, it won’t work.  People stress out over succulent propogation (seriously!) and I think the stress is why they fail.  Naturally, if you provide these fledgling plants  with a peaceful and comfortable environment and let them do their thing, and give them the water they need and ample light they know what to do in order to grow.  It’s what these plants are meant to do in order to survive and thrive and flourish.

We are the same.  We’re meant to come together and grow and rejuvenate.   We’re meant to connect and love and grow from that connection, naturally.  If you complicate it, you diminish it’s awesome power.

Here’s some magic for you:

Love will literally multiply energy and rejuvenate billions of cells in your body.

Stress, complications, fear and lack of attention will block that love.

We lose billions of cells in our body every day.  Without love  in our lives, we don’t regenerate as many cells.  We stop growing.  We actually start aging much more quickly.

Choosing love is choosing to thrive.

Dr. Bruce Lipton’s words on love and using its force to grow your life will blow your mind.

Everyone can benefit from this incredible science.

being loved gives you strength

If the love in your life is at best “complicated” and a rollercoaster, it’s so important to listen to this.  If you’re in a relationship full of fear, if you lack trust or you fear love itself… it’s vital to listen to this.  If you’re searching for a partner, this will add so much more meaning to the idea of living in love.

And if you’re in love, you’ll want to relax into that feeling of love and open up to that love energy even more.

Cellular Biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton explains how love protects and creates life itself.

He explains how we can’t be both in love and closed off in fear at the same time.

He explains the implications of not having love or fearing love in your life (HINT: it takes a huge toll on your cells), and he explains the effects of toxic relationships on your body at it’s core.

If you are in love and want that love to flourish, find ways to open up to it naturally.  When blocks and fears and insecurities rise up, confront them and sweep them away.  Stay open in this space of love and you literally multiply and flourish.

If the relationships in your life feel toxic, this can give you more impetus to divorce yourself and detoxify your life so you can fill it with healthy love.

If you want more love, let yourself engage in the things you love to do that feel fantastic to bring that openness to life.

We all need to do that, all the time.

Love your lovers, friends, life,  humanity, animals, nature… everything… everywhere…

Love. Love. Love.  xoxo Dana

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Alice April 4, 2016 at 3:02 am

I love THIS!!! 🙂
I’m so grateful I found Bruce through you Dana, he’s amazing xx

danaclaudat April 5, 2016 at 5:02 am

xoxoxo love him!!!

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