5 Feng Shui Ways To Live In High Vibrations Of Love, Ease & Abundance


A dear friend asked me the theme of my year today.  Every year I set a theme.  Last year, though, I was not quite specific enough.  My Year of Adventure was not qualified by “positive adventures” and…  all kinds of adventures ensued, not all ones that were welcome or easy!  So, this year I am far more specific! I love doing this because it makes life more enchanted.  A theme sets the tone for the year and it’s so much fun.

We are all big balls of organized energy, so to maximize our lives, no matter what your focus, goal, resolution or theme might be, raising your energy is always the way to achieve what you want far more easily!

I have been, for the last few months, ramping up all the habits that resonate for me as vibration-raising, energy boosting, life-aligning magic.

Here are a few simple ways to raise your vibrations— some that may be a bit unusual.  All, however, are super-fantastic!

 Drinking Lemon Water infused with light.   While reading Anthony William’s books, (aka: The Medical Medium) I learned the virtues of adding fresh lemon to my water and drinking it throughout the day.  The fresh lemon “wakes up” the water and helps it to hydrate us much more. Beyond that, I got a big reminder that I could INFUSE my water with energy. I’ve known this for a long time but it finally hit home for me as a regular practice. He says you can “add light” to your water using a special process (* it’s in his books, and they’re all such fascinating reads) though I use my own process: I hold my water and imagine pure light streaming in. If I have a greater intention, I add it to the water.   Now, in the cold months where drinking water is very unappealing to me, I am still doing it gratefully. I’ve been exceedingly dehydrated for a very long time, and many of us are!  Who knew that consistent “alive” water could be so profound?!

Salt Water Bliss:  Baths in lots and lots of sea salt have been my weekly treat for an energetic reset.  I usually do a big bath before bed, after burning some sage at home and doing a few minutes of meditation to get into a relaxed and receptive mindset.  The idea is to be ready to let things go.  In this case— tension, worry, bad vibes, feeling confused or creatively blocked.  All that stuff washes away in a few cups of sea salt (*nothing fancy) in my hot bath!

Crunches and Yoga:  A strong physical core (think: solar plexus strong and alive with energy) is a big way to amplify your power and your will, the directed flows of energy that make things happen in life.  Every night I’ve been streaming a restorative yoga class with lots of twists and core strengthening and waking up more and more vibrant. I’m also doing a big body alignment workshop featuring a foam roller that’s been transformational for understanding the power of my breath and my core strength.

Deliberate focus on WHAT IS WANTED: The video above pretty much says it all— feeling great is the #1 order of the day!!!   Keep moving away from what you don’t want and moving toward when you do want!!!

And…. find sunshine!!!  Taking vitamin D3 (just a bit, but consistently) has been essential for me in the winter. I get outside into whatever sunshine there may be in a day, but that winter sun isn’t quite enough to energize the body fully.  This is a big deal.  We need sun to amplify ALL THE VITAMINS in our bodies and lives, in natural ways. For me, it’s incredible amounts of fruits, veggies, berries and water, along with a few choice herbs and supplements for further healing.  Almost all are food-based and fabulous. And, if there’s no sun near you, HERE are some amazing ways to bring more healing rays of light into your life!!!

I’m wishing you higher, happier, lighter, more vibrant and radiant days every single day!!!

xoxo Dana

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Leslie January 2, 2017 at 9:42 pm

My theme for the year is focus & joy!

danaclaudat January 13, 2017 at 5:49 am

High fives for that!!! YES!!!

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