Nature Is An Ultimate Emotional Healer & Love Potion For Life!


Nature is the ultimate support for our wellbeing. It’s also a huge part of emotional healing, space clearing and opening the doors to more love.

Today’s feng shui is all about the Nature of Nature and our lives as love magnets!!! 

First, let’s talk about Nature healing.  

Herbs and the superfoods of nature are amazing medicine. Houseplants mitigate EMF’s (the rays from electronics that can wreak havoc on our emotions and energy fields) and namy also clear the air of toxic substances.  Spending time in Nature can lower the stress hormones in your body.

I can go on for pages and pages with just the sheer quantity of benefits from integrating more Nature on a basic level in your home.  I am going to have a patio veggie garden soon in my new home, herbs hydroponically growing in the kitchen, aloe and lavender and sage growing in abundance if the owner of my home allows me to join in with the neighbors in creating a space-clearing garden out front…

And that’s just the start.  Trees, hanging plants, air plants, succulents, shower plants…

Nature is abundance and wellness and power.

The next level of Nature is the vibrational power to heal our emotions in more unique ways.

The University of Minnesota talks about this in it’s health resources : 

” … a growing number of psychologists believe that many of the current problems facing people today – depression, anxiety, and stress – are due, in part, to our alienation from nature. This idea is not entirely new. In the 1980s, E.O. Wilson coined the term “biophilia” to describe humans’ natural affinity for nature.

In both residential and commercial construction, there is an increased emphasis on creating healing environments. One aspect of healing spaces is the use of environmental features that embody characteristics of the natural world, such as color, water, sunlight, plants, natural materials, and exterior views and vistas. We know from “evidence-based design” that many of these features go beyond aesthetic – they do, in fact, contribute to healing.”

Indeed there are vibrant ways to actually design space in organic and feng-shui-specific ways to make  yourself much more of a emotionally open and thriving sanctuary.

The studies are vast and my experience in the last decade has been profound-  there are incredible ways that natural energy can create so much power.

Self-love is a huge part of our Nature.  We are linked to Nature.

We are structurally linked to Nature. In feng shui, we are all borne of Earth element.  It’s our creativity. It’s our rooted energy and even our prosperity energy.

Love is the deepest connection to Nature.

Here’s a vintage You Tube all about this power…!

There’s a whole lot of self-love we can indulge in that are in vibrational harmony with Nature.

Hikes, gardening, getting grounded in meditations, yoga and more Natural movement.

Space clearing with natural elements like salt, sage, even flowers… it’s such a powerhouse.  I can’t wait for you to watch the space clearing routing in the FREE Breakthrough Feng Shui video series starting HERE.

Your spirit and love is true Nature.

Whatever beliefs you have, wherever you are deeply elevated, whoever you love… it’s really vital to allow yourself to connect.  More and more.  Making love a priority, making your loved-ones a major priority, taking more time for love…

This is so vital.  It opens the doors for so much more.

Nature. In every way.



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