Feng Shui To Fall In Love With Deadlines And Wildly Busy Times!

What do you do when you have a deadline?

You may talk a lot about it trying to diffuse the energy.

Or you might brace yourself and dread it and push yourself through.

It may automatically send you toward automatic habits like sugar, coffee, too much sitting or all kinds of procrastination.

These are all my old ways of dealing with a mountain of things to get done. It nearly broke my body and it was extremely discouraging – if I couldn’t handle what I was doing now, how could I do more?

If you’re in that place right now… there is a lot you can do to feel better.  And, it all starts with you valuing your true happiness. 

I felt like I had no room to grow. Each deadline would wipe me out and leave me feeling like I had just run three marathons. My adrenals were out of whack (I was perpetually tired even with tons of sleep), I was always anxious, I had emotional swings that scared me because I knew they were caused by my lifestyle and I didn’t know how to escape it because I was sort of trapped in this cycle to survive…

And then, it hit me.

I needed to do me first and trust it would all get done. I couldn’t go on the way that I was.

I didn’t fully get what I was doing throwing myself into a panic – then I read David Hawkins chart (above) and saw that when I was in a panic it wasn’t success – it was fear.

I was actually making my life really hard. It was a place of FORCE.  And it had become the place where I spent a lot of my life, struggling.

But, could I risk not finishing everything by relaxing more? Could I risk the possible outcome of failure if I took time off?

It felt like I was in a huge crisis, so I had no real choice!

(energy muse) 

I let go of the outcome. I decided I’d do my very best but only taking care of myself. I knew that this was risky – I mean, I was going to spend my days putting more time into me than I had ever done before.

I pulled out everything that makes me happy – art supplies, sneakers to hike, Epsom salts for baths, old meditation recordings. I spent hours (yes hours!) in my spiritual practice because it has never failed me and always makes me feel better.

I slept every time I was tired.  What a wild thing to do!

In between all of that, I would work, giving it all the energy I had.

It was an experiment. If it didn’t work, well, at least I would have enjoyed it!

It became a recipe for big success.

Not only did I get everything done, I was thrilled.  Truly thrilled. I felt better than ever. I had these massive downloads of inspiration on long walks and hikes. I had so much of a sense of luxury in long baths, aromatherapy, and painting during the day.

It was this huge turning point where deadlines didn’t scare me anymore. I felt a thrill at the challenge of keeping up all that made me feel fantastic, while building this mountain of energy to get great things done.

I cleared away a lot of distractions.
I put my happiness first.
I didn’t think of doom scenarios.
I didn’t value exhaustion as the sign that I had worked hard enough.

As a result, things that were stuck could grow. I could imagine bigger. I felt at home in my body and at home in my home.

If you’re under pressure – breathe it out and put yourself first. There is so much power you have that gets dulled by pressure and expands when you take amazing care of yourself!!!



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