7 Feng Shui Energy Shifts To Make Life Easier And Far More Successful!!!

If you’ve got your sights set on greater success and you’re possibly feeling that more success means more stress… there’s likely some clutter to clear.

If you’re looking to achieve more, but you’re already maxed on in terms of time and energy… there’s likely some clutter to clear.

If you’ve been committed to a breakthrough, but you’re finding resistance pop up on your path… there’s likely some clutter to clear.

Clutter is mental, emotional, physical and energetic. It’s “stuff” and it’s also ideas and frequencies. It’s “junk” and it’s also things you’ve simply outgrown.

Today, these really awesome guiding principles above are a spectacular way to clear lots of clutter!

First of all, you are already a success in many ways. Celebrate all you’ve accomplished. Then, make the rad ahead much easier…!

Presence over hustle.

I’m quite tired of hustling and the negative return it brings. But, I love working– maybe more than seems balanced to others, Hustling, though, introduces stress into the equation and takes away the magic.

I learned this final tough lesson spending a decent part of the last year writing a nearly 600 page Training Manual for The School of Intention. If you haven’t heard yet because I’ve kept it so quiet, I started a feng shui school to share all of my modern ways of feng shui!  (You can learn more here! It’s so exciting to see the first group our booking jobs already before the training has even ended!!!)

Despite the excitement, sitting down to write 600 pages that mattered most to me on top of daily life was leagues beyond a hustle for me at first. I was striving, I was up until 3am every night, I was really pulling out all the stops and talking to myself like a coach trying to push someone to the breaking point instead of toward a breakthrough. My whole body was tense and aching. I was not going to make it if I kept working in this way.

Then… I remembered how I only produce my personal genius work when I am fully present. Hustle is often the opposite of being present. The first 100 pages got radically re-written and I never looked back. The 500 pages that followed were definitely an undertaking, but they were done in a zone of personal power.

What a big difference!

I have never been so happy to sink into a project before and allow it to be easy!

If you’ve been hustling a little too hard, even if it seems necessary, try slowing down even for a few days and really sinking into the moment as you work through things. This is a magic zone!

Community over competition. I’ve been asked three times in the last month who my “competition” is in my business. My response is the same— I don’t have competition. People may compete against me, but I don’t know if they do. First of all, no one does what I do in the way that I do it until my students are graduated… and when they graduate, I support them 100,000%. I want them to shine and soar. I don’t need to maintain a hold over them as a “master.” My interest has never been to be better than anyone. My interest has always been to be my best self.

Community grows together. Competition tears things apart. It’s better to be “for” something than “against” something. When you’re against something, you give that thing you oppose lots of energy. I would rather focus on growth.

Flow over force. Always. Always. Always. If the door isn’t opening, find another door. There are infinite ways to reach your goals, so stay flexible and you’ll find the best ways.

Compassion over judgement. This one is powerful. It has changed my life immensely. It rids life of anger. It sends away black clouds.

Acceptance over struggle. You know, if someone tells me that I can’t… I say I can and then I do. I don’t “accept” negatives in my life. But there are some things to “accept” that are not negatives. For example, I now accept that I need help to do my work and I don’t need to struggle to prove I can be a one-woman show. I accept that I am different from lots of people around me and I don’t have to struggle to be the same as them.

Surrender to the moment can be the greatest door-opener. Once you can be who you are where you are, all kinds of incredible paths open up.

Progress over perfection. I was raised to see perfection vs. failure. It’s all my imperfection, in all irony, that has been my greatest gift. I have seen this hold true for thousands of people.

I wasn’t a perfect candidate for college no matter how much I worked at things to be perfect. I didn’t have legacies as Ivy League schools. I didn’t come from money and had to take a bus for three hours a day to get to school. I spend half of high school suffering from what was anorexia that was very misunderstood but far beyond life-threatening. My dad was in jail when I was young. I didn’t have a perfect SAT score like two people did at my rigorous high school.

So, when I was told by my very negative guidance counselor that my chances were slim to none to get into my choice of colleges, my first response shocked me! I exclaimed almost instantly a listed of every single thing that was perceived to be against me… and I declared that this was what made me the best candidate. I felt it in every cell of my body. And then, I wrote what some might say were the most experimental college essays full of art and raw truth and certainty. These essays, I was told, were crazy and I shouldn’t mail them in. I am so glad I did.

Early acceptance to an Ivy League school that I turned down to go to Stanford confirmed for me that REAL always rivals PERFECT. It was such a textbook example of the power of owning your power.

I often reference it not because I care about college so much (I loved it, but so many people I know and admire never even went to college and I don’t think it’s a necessity at all for anyone, nor is it proof of intelligence in my mind) but, rather, because it demonstrates so many facets of life and how we’re told we can’t… and we can choose to either “wish to be perfect one day so that we can” or we can  “rise up as the perfectly imperfect people that we are.”

Rise up!!!

I’ve not perfectly held on to that lesson throughout life, and it got me into trouble.

Now I am very grounded in this: I don’t care about perfect. I care about showing up and giving it 100%.   This has been the biggest shift in the trajectory of everything I do. If you’re struggling to be perfect, your “imperfection” may be your key to whatever success you are working toward.

Brave over stuck. That choice is the one that keeps life on the edge of a thrill. It makes every day more stunning. It is epic. It is everything.

You can wait… or you can do.

You can sit on it… or you can go for it.

You can hope… or you can decide.

If I don’t feel like I’m on the edge in excitement in some way, I know it’s time to start clearing some clutter.

Old ideas, old clothes, even my old mattress is headed out to be recycled.

Make lots of room for the new.

So much is waiting for you!



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There’s feng shui, there’s life-shifting, there’s lots of creativity… and it’s a daily commitment to a positive life shift… which is a positive life shift already!!!

And you can start right HERE!


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Cherie Cazenavette November 7, 2018 at 5:03 am

As always your posts are inspiring! I read them constantly!! This one especially rang true with me. I have ALWAYS been a bit of a renegade. I did go to college (and earned not only one degree but 2 Masters. I LOVE learning and expanding. The section here that rang true for me was the one on Flow over force. If the door doesn’t open, find another door. SO obvious, but so hard to see!! I have hung on to being something for almost 10 years that has not brought me recognition or success-much less money! I recently was told (by a psychic, no less!) that I am in an endings phase. I have embraced that and am seeing it again with flow over force!!

danaclaudat November 20, 2018 at 5:10 am

Its so awesome to be shifting onto a path of less force and more flow. You got this!!! It’s a natural process, and you don’t need to change everything to get there— just keep leaning into more that you love and watch everything expand! xoxoxo!!!

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