The Meditative Moments That Can Transform Your Days!

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Really, I love baths. Since I was old enough to make my own bath (*and likely should not have been allowed to do it!) I would fill a tub with bath gel bubbles and cart in a portable TV to the bathroom (this was the late 80’s and, lol, I should not have been allowed to do that, either!) and watch soap operas in the bath tub until I shriveled up and needed to go downstairs to my grandma’s to get enough lemonade to rehydrate my wrinkled fingers!

It was worth it. I had no thoughts, I had created a world of my own for twenty or thirty minutes, I could get lost in dreaming.

My grown up version of this is baths in salt with crystals and a book. Not as dreamy in all regards as my kid bath escapes, but it’s pretty magical.

Today isn’t about baths, but rather about meditative time. Doing less. Clearing your mind. Igniting your life. 

Does your mind run pretty fast?

I know I’m super-cerebral, and overthinking is the thing that has paralyzed me the most, stopped me in my tracks and led me to make decisions out of fear rather than excitement or intuition.

I started to think less in this frenetic way when I developed habits that helped me find the spaciousness that matched my time as a little kid watching Days of Our Lives in a bubble bath.

Spiritual practice is the core of all that I do, and that’s something personal. I’m really passionate about my practice and I gain so much from it on every level. It’s also helped me to find the tools to bring that feeling of spirit to more of my day when I’m not in prayer.

Our whole life is a practice, whether you consider it spiritual, energetic, artistic or all of the above.

Walking is a meditative practice that is decisive for me. Here is why: 

Making art is a meditative practice that I can’t imagine life without.

In just a few minutes of painting, doodling, diy… even putting on makeup with creative engagement, I feel more sparkling and present.

And, the recent realization that’s become a mainstay is very simple meditation.

Just five to ten minutes of closing my eyes and breathing and doing my best to just focus on breathing– inhaling and exhaling– has really changed my days!

When I’m busy, need to shift gears, have no focus or feel jumpy… I sit down, close my eyes for a few minutes and breathe.

I also do it regardless now, every day, wherever I catch five or ten minutes.

It takes very little to create an meditative oasis in your days.

And, the easier you allow it to be, the more likely you are to keep up the practice.

Walk, play, breathe… and enjoy!



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