10 Big Projects You Can Do To Make The Most Of Mercury Retrograde!


It’s always my favorite time of year when Mercury is in its retrograde motion. It’s incredibly restorative, reorganizing, abundant and up-levels life in all ways.

As I await the delivery of more houseplants and other high vibe home goodies to kick off this Mercury Retrograde, I thought I would share the top ten projects (big and small) that I’ll be completing this Retrograde season that fall into categories you can customize for yourself.

Breakthrough season has begun!

Making room to grow in a literal sense. In this case, I’m doing a huge dive into a big closet to gift a whole lot of stuff. My letting go of things you don’t need, you make incredible amounts of space to expand your life.

Leveling up the small details of things that are prominent at home. Last Retrograde, I got new metal light switch plates to replace the plastic ones that came with the house in many rooms. They cost less than $10 dollar a piece and they have substantially raised the quality and integrity of just about every room in my home. Think about how often you use your light switches and that’s how often you’ll notice the difference, at minimum!

You might have other small projects to upgrade. I’ve had a few plants in their nursery pots which they are definitely outgrowing, so this Retrograde, new pots are on the way!

Rethink the morning routine. What would you love to start the day with in a more fulfilling way? Yoga? Meditation? A walk? Writing? This definitive difference to start the day can help you stay more grounded and get more done.


Upgrade your work flow. If you don’t have a planner, I highly suggest getting one or trying an online app that accomplishes the same. When you have a good sense of all the things to do in a day or a week, you can move differently and prepare in new ways!

Do something super-healthy for yourself! My project this Mercury Rx is to start drinking an entire 2 liter pitcher full of water during the day. It’s not at all a “run a marathon” project but I can tell already that I’m going to feel great doing it.

What can you do that will make you feel more glowing and bright?

Past projects for me have included smoothies every day, a salad every day and I’ve even done a cleanse program during a Mercury Retrograde as it’s a great time to look within and deeply restore.

Complete unfinished things with pride and purpose.  I’m actually starting with this one since I have two deadlines early next week and I’m ready to get them completely mastered, done and wrapped up brilliantly! Do you have things to finish? The sooner you get them done the more time you’ll have to expand into the new and exciting!

Deep spiritual or mindfulness practice is potent. I’ve got this at the very top of my own list as I’m always looking to learn more, delve deeper and gain more from ancient wisdom and daily practice. Is it time to commit or re-commit to the practices that fill you up?!

Connect with friends! Yes, this is a project for me these days because there’s a lot more planning involved. A friend from my home town (ah the memories!) just launched a new mission-driven art project– We Heal Projects— and I am so excited to see the new shop set up at the Westfield Mall in Century City. Every time I make it a top priority to connect and reconnect with friends it’s the best investment ever.

Who can you connect or reconnect with?!

Reorganize for a new level of productivity.  

I’ve already mentioned my planner process and how great it feels to get deep into the creative process of planning to create more flow every day… but, actually, I’m talking here about reorganizing everything you use every day to make the process more streamlined.

From toiletries to office supplies, passwords for computer programs to pantry items and spices– you likely have a project in here somewhere that can make your life exponentially easier!

Learn the skills that expand your life in epic ways!

You might want to take a class, master a skill (The Feng Shui School of Intention Professional Certification is starting soon if you want to learn to do this life-changing design work), research the book you want to write, go through old notes and implement things you’ve learned….

And: get ready to grow, thrive and prosper!

Happy Mercury Retrograde season!



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