5 Ways To Lean Into Your Passions And Expand Life In The Process

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This Feng Shui Method and work I do was intended to be a passion project.

There wasn’t even a “wellness community” 17 years ago that was anywhere near mainstream, and there certainly wasn’t the easy access to building an Internet business that we have now. My iPhone only arrived in 2008. There were very few people (compared to now) who– dare I say it– knew that Feng Shui was something they could do for themselves.

I was curious, I was studying every form of cosmic modality for much of my life, along with Art History and humanities, and I knew there was a more accessible and empowering way to approach changing spaces to change lives. I wanted to explore it. I had not a single clue that any of this would lead me here.

Unlike most other things I was passionate about, I truly invested a lot– time, eventually money and lots of heart– into this pursuit.

Even if it never ever amounted to any kind of business, the intellectual exercise and the actual practice of this work in all it’s creative facets– experimenting with methods with endless amount of non-paying clients, sharing ideas on a microblog platform, learning from artists, learning from life– was unbelievably transformational because it was a synergy I was looking for personally in my own life.

That passion pursuit turned into so many things — my own confidence, joy, growth of relationships, a huge community, a sense of belonging and purpose that was larger than I had ever felt– all before I even allowed someone to pay me for my services!

That’s the potent energy of leaning into passions. They are endlessly rewarding and life changing, every step of the way.


As I mentioned, what set my passion for the work I now do every day apart from the other things I loved in my life was my pull toward it. I was willing to invest lots more time, soul and, ultimately, money into learning.

So, what in your life stands out that you’d like to deepen your mastery of, even if you never do it as any sort of vocation?

Once you can identify what that is… it’s time to lean in.

Allow yourself the space in your mind to make a deeper connect to what you love.

A real love of any project or topic can help you declutter the noise from your life and dive in more fully. There’s not a lot of desire for random scrolling online, having needlessly negative conversations or even complaining or worrying much when you’re hooked into a passion and want to develop it further.

Your mind will be much more clear as you lean into these projects.

Allow yourself the space in life to really indulge in what you love.

In addition to clearing your mind, having more space in life- -the actual time and also physical space– can make all the difference between success and failure to manifest what you want.

Clear clutter in your work space and your whole home and you’ll feel the difference in your life.

Clear clutter in your calendar by really organizing your days and eliminating the extras that aren’t important. To give you an example, I used to post on social media all day long and now I organize the day all at once so I have more focus and power behind what I share while at the same time I have large blocks of my day freed up to focus on new things!

Something as simple as getting my groceries delivered saves me 3 or 4 hours a week, which may seem small but… I can start an entirely new additional business with 3 or 4 extra hours each week and I’m now very aware of that!

Even if you have an extra few hours a week to study, to practice, to research or create– that can be all you need to ultimately build great things for yourself!

Create a dream map of sorts– a plan with goal posts along the way– to take your passion as far as you can go.

Again, you don’t have to have commerce as your objective. You might be aiming to learn the guitar well enough to play in a band for fun, and along the way you realize that there are goalposts– being able to play full songs, being ready for open mics, learning to improvise as you play with friends and finally being able to play for an hour at a time— all before you get your band together.

The same goes for anything you want to master– you will always have big landmark moments along the way, and if you write down this map of all the landmark steps, you’ll see how much progress you’re making every day.

Challenge yourself in fun ways to follow your instincts and learn new things every day.

Not a day goes by where I don’t learn something– or a lot of things– that fuel my passions. My house is overflowing with books. My files are full of ideas and every day I’m trying something new or trying to do something better than I have in the past.

I’m hardly perfect and I have a long way to go to master so many things I’m enamored by, and the daily learning is so invigorating.

You can read, listen to podcasts, take classes, watch videos, practice, talk to mentors, talk to peers…. what you can learn is absolutely endless!

Keep the energy around your passion light and fun.

One thing that helps my passions remain passions that I highly recommend: keep stress far away from them. Don’t push or force them. Don’t compete in ways that feel crushing or create anxiety.

Keep them light and fun. Keep them in a space of ease.

You may find as you do this that all of these approaches are actually seeping into your approach to all things you do all day long. And as you do this, you’ll likely find work becomes easier, challenges become less daunting and ideas become brighter and bigger in all ways.

That’s the power of leaning into passion. It reprioritizes joy and purpose to land at the top of the to-do list every day, slowly but surely.

And, I’ve never heard a single person say they regret time they spent doing things they loved.

It’s infinitely excellent. And it can help you to make the biggest breakthroughs!



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