Feng Shui 101: How To Transform “The Place Where You Live” Into The Home That You Love

What would your life be like if you woke up every day excited, greeted by a space that looked and felt like "you" at your very best?

How would you feel if you weren’t just temporarily coping with where you live, but actually living there and loving it?

For years, I didn’t want to invest the time or the money I thought I needed to invest into “decorating” a space that I wished would be just temporary.  I was sure I deserved to live better than how I was living, wherever I happened to be living, so it made no sense to settle in to a place that seemed like it wasn’t going to last very long.  Why put in the expense and time to settle in where I didn’t want to stay for a long time? Isn’t that just a total waste?

After many years of moving homes just about yearly throughout Hollywood, I was without real roots in the ground.  Each time I burned out from my flighty creative whims, it took longer to recover.  Until, that is, I got sick, landed in the hospital for an extended stay, and, afterward, found myself recovering in a “place where I lived” that looked like a stranger’s house.  This should have been my home, but I would never call it “Home.”

I needed a HOME, not just a place to live.

Home creates the calm, grounded, successful, energized and fulfilled. With a little attention, home can help you make your dreams come true.

On my quest to make the place where I lived look like a home,  my feng shui studies began. Slowly, as my space started to reflect my style and as I tested out all the feng shui I was learning, I healed my body.  In the process, I discovered first-hand the magic and power of environment.


Feng Shui in my way is designing a space that is optimal for you –  for you very specifically– to balance your life, free yourself from clutter and chaos, and welcome in abundance in all of its many forms: creativity, wisdom… & yes, money and love, too!!!

Its pretty easy to understand feng shui this way:  As a human being you may feel you are “composed” of a mind, a body and maybe a soul… but all these components need a PLACE to exist.  Your environments are the stage upon which your life plays out every day.

Would you watch a movie shot in front of only blank, white, artless walls with poor lighting and terrible sound?  Its striking that so many people immediately say “No Way!” when I ask them that question, yet many of the same people live in a home with poor lighting, blank walls and generic furniture they say they don’t like. Living in such a space that lacks personality and presence deprives you of sensory information that fuels your mind and even your physical body.


This is not woo-woo magic, this really powerful stuff supported in large part by science as well as thousands of years of tradition.

Some cool science: Color is used in physical and mental therapies, and color theory is getting a large dose of scientific study to support it.  Music can make you smarter, it can lower your blood pressure and can dramatically change your mood.  Art is a tool to communicate in powerful, personal symbols and emotions throughout your home.  Light can cure depression and insomnia.  Scent and aromatherapy also specifically influence behavior, motivation, energy and state of mind, among other things!  These tools are just a small bit of the awesomeness of feng shui in general, and even one of these tools used as a little switch in your day, like sniffing some peppermint essential oil when you wake up, can infuse your morning with greater clarity.


There are other schools and forms of feng shui that say that “x” string with crystals needs to go in a certain corner of your home to bring a certain benefit, etc, etc.  I don’t do that feng shui, in fact, I am the exact opposite of that stuff.  You are too smart to get wrapped up in fear-based superstitious stuff no matter how seductive it may be: bad and good “fortune” numbers, coffin positions, kua numbers, compasses, or metaphysical cures and esoteric home blessings have no place here.  I want you to have a home you love as well as an awesome life, and there’s no superstition needed!  So, if you’ve read that you will have bad luck this year, or that your bed is in a place that has you cursed or something else (I get hundreds of these emails) I am here to tell you that feng shui at its best is simple, practical and devoid of anything that takes away your power as a person!


Chances are you already have most everything you need to design an amazing home (and life!) already.

You probably don’t need much stuff to create an incredible home.

You also don’t have to be an interior designer, an artist by trade or any sort of craft-making genius to transform what you have right now into your own masterpiece.

Great feng shui- in my way- is always great design.  You’ll have the tools & you can make the shifts!

You  might want to get un-stuck in your own life, to have a home you love, or to bring more love or prosperity into your world.

I have whipped up a feng shui framework and compiled compelling information- over a decade’s worth of really cutting-edge information-  that I’ve been privledged to learn from exceptional masters, rock star professors, and wildly brilliant artists.

You know what you need and want; you know what is best for you.  You may just need a few tools to help guide you through the process of shaking things up and organizing them beautifully.  And that’s why this I decided to create a very simple eight-week guide to feng shui that you can actually use to create what you want…!



feng shui 101 book, e book, feng shui guide, how to feng shui

Feng Shui 101: a guide to finding your flow of fabulous is an experience of an e-book.  I walked through the process of a full feng shui consultation, whittled it down to eight steps over eight weeks, and then provided the essential information you need to make killer decisions that will move you toward your dream home (and dream life!):

  • Each week you’ll read a bit on a subject that relates to your experience of space, followed by a Brainstorm and Exercises. The idea is that you aren’t going to be just reading, you will be  doing something every week.
  • You will gain focus and clarity as you make simple changes in your home and routine that save you time, money, stress and complications.
  • There are two, hour-long online feng shui classes included in the e-book as you read.  I’ve included links to 2 complete feng shui classes, that I’ve delivered online that are pre-recorded. You’ll get a lot of insight into setting goals and priorities that don’t suck and do help you to build a stable life in a way that will be so exciting and fun, you’ll be teaching it to all your friends!  The creativity class linked within will give you a treasure chest of inspiration, ideas and actual scientific wisdom to inspire all sorts of fresh thoughts, decisions and artistry. Even if you’ve experienced these classes with me, you’ll see them in new context as you advance through the weeks.
  • I’ve linked several videos throughout the guide to shed more light on topics we are discussing, so that you can really dig deeper into ideas.
  • You will finally learn how to identify your own, personal feng shui elements and you can use that information to make small shifts in your home to balance yourself energetically in a practical way.
  • You will welcome in so much new energy, so many fresh ideas and all sorts of abundance.
  • And, I’ve included 8 Bonus Sheets (one for each week) that cover everything from the basics of color,  sleeping better, to artistry, creativity and much more!

You will have a fresh space, you’ll be immersed in more style, you’ll have a handful of luscious personalized sensory goodies that light up your life and you will have a much more clear sense of purpose… but, mainly, and most importantly, you will have a home you love when you are done with Feng Shui 101.




It’s Simple & Powerful

“Your suggestions are always intuitive and very easy to employ, and they have such a big impact on my living areas (and my life!).  I’ve had people walk into my room, literally sigh, and say that it makes them feel at ease.  I’ve taken your advice on how to make a small room feel more inviting and less claustrophobic, and your advice about an old boyfriend’s isolating, minimalist bedroom was very eye-opening for me, in many ways.  I look forward to putting your knowledge and creative ideas into practice in my newest apartment!”

~ Jennifer P, Los Angeles




As you start  clearing space and directing the flow of the energy around you, the momentum builds.  When you create an exciting environment, you elevate the world around you and welcome in the new!  New people, new opportunities, new ideas, new inspiration—  it all floods in as you get gronded and clear-headed in an energized home!



Clear Space & Clear Your Mind

“I was skeptical at first but Dana immediately blew me away with all of her ideas! She said, “What do you consider this area?” And I said, “My dumping area.”  “Well,” she told me, “this is your relationship corner, so this is something you are going to work on!” And it has felt so much clearer since! My friends who come over now are like, “This is a HOME! I feel so welcome, your bedroom is so serene.” I love sleeping in my new bedroom configuration! I feel supported and peaceful and rested. I sleep so much better now and have such better focus. She said “It doesn’t have to be perfectly organized, but let’s clear the clutter for your headspace” and it works! I was so happy to get rid of so many of my things i didn’t use and excited to donate, and she replied “Great! Get rid of things to make room for new things in your life!”. Every time I feel stagnant, I think of that and get to cleaning!”

~ Alexis Hyde, blogger & art expert



Here’s what you will learn over the course of eight weeks:

feng shui 101


Build Mometum & Motivation

“I have just removed that cluttered closet that was occupying my “career” section of the studio. viola! gone…tore down the walls and cleared it out completely.  You wouldn’t recognize my space…. I took all of your advice…. It is sooooo much nicer… In a few more days what was a black hole will be a beautiful new space to view artwork. Thanks for inspiring me and lighting a fire under my ass.”

~ Nick Herman, artist



I struggle to take on new projects, especially ones that require a big investment of time or money.

Luckily, your feng shui experience will not cost you more than two pressed juices at an Los Angeles juice bar and need not take much time at all out of your day.

Even my clients who say they don’t have time for things like clearing clutter now realize they can’t afford to waste buttdoneall the time they are wasting if  they don’t do it.   You can dive in and make big re-design changes in your home and move through this book over the course of an entire  year if you wanted to, but in eight weeks of being consistent for a small amount of time you should be able to make powerful shifts that will create waves in your home and life.

If you are worried that you won’t be consistent with the book, it will still work for you, it will just take a bit longer.

That said, if you do the exercises you may get wildly enchanted for a while with your home in an awesome way, and you will always find the time for it.  The momentum that builds as you see and feel changes is something that’s hard to describe in words, but its real!

You should know: if you are looking for someone to tell you what is going to be lucky for you to put in your home, if you are looking for a guide to Chinese talisman and ancient symbols or you are hoping to get a “cure” to make you a million dollars overnight, this is not the book for you!

Kick Start Your Creativity In A Practical Way

“Dana digs wide and deep for the nuggets of wisdom she shares with us in order to help us find the flow in our sometimes chaotic lives. She’s a lifestyle makeover magician, yet so down-to-earth and grounded in reality. She walked into my room and immediately suggested that I add a large wooden desk to my office area. I did, and a few months later I finished the book I had been working on for years! She keeps it simple and practical, a refreshing style in these days of over-the-top spiritual quackery.”

~Eric Erlandson, guitarist & author




Feng Shui 101: a guide to finding your flow of fabulous.  It’s eight weeks of guidance and goodies to bring you more focus, more flow, more creativity, more energy and a place you love to call home.

It’s $19.98.

Working with me one-on-one in person costs at least 30 times more. This book is the closest things I could create to working with me one-on-one, and you can repeat it any time you want.

Grab your copy by clicking the little pink button that says Buy Now!





I totally guarantee I have given you a much-tested, much-praised method of making the often-complicated art and science of feng shui into a user-friendly DIY guide. Because you are getting all the goods in one download, there are no refunds for this e-book.

Get Engaged With Life!

“Let’s put your creativity outside your head.” Words from Dana that stay with me, and come to me when in doubt, but also when I want to enjoy and embrace life.”

~Seika Lee, designer




P.S., I am always around if you need me…

Many of you already know that I have an open door policy for feng shui questions. I’m thrilled to answer all of your feng shui and home design questions as best I can.  Often, my answers will be general because I don’t know you and your home well enough to give you specific advice.  That’s why I’m so absolutely thrilled to have a guide for you to feng shui your home & revamp your life specifically and clearly, tailored to your needs and your dreams.  You can get un-stuck, increase your creativity, live a more luscious, sensory-rich life and yes, prosper on every level. Grab your copy of Feng Shui 101 HERE and get started!  I’m soooo excited to see & feature your Before & After pictures on the blog!  xoxo Dana