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life changing design

If you crave greater creativity, less stress, more flow, an expanded social life, more abundance, greater focus, balance, empowerment, openness, risk-taking and adventure… this is your ideal space & life makeover.


You know what you’d like to have more of in your life- energy, peace, love, creativity, self-empowerment, prosperity, focus.  You can design these dreams into your home in very real ways that create big change.

Here’s a now-vintage favorite video all about what Feng Shui did for my life… & why you should try it!

After nearly a decade of this work, I can tell who will have an awesome experience working with me.

That is for you if…

  • you are ready to make a big change in life — in an area of your life where you feel like you just aren’t moving forward
  • you want your house to feel like a home- a gorgeous home
  • you have unproductive habits or a stuck-feeling that you just can’t shake …but you really want to shake!
  • you need a fresh start & freedom from confusion and clutter
  • you want to expand on your life- more money, more love, more living, more giving
  • you are craving more style and more artful days
  • you are in a big life transition and you want to break free of habits of the past

This is definitely NOT for you if you want a magic pill to instantly manifest things using lucky coins and frogs and other stuff like that. This is also not for you if just don’t feel ready yet to make a change, or you want someone to make the change for you rather than with you.

* One note: This is also not for you if you can’t afford it yet.  No shame in that- I am not a budget service and I want people to live within their means. If you want to work with me I know that one day you will, and it will be amazing!  And if that is the case, I suggest you grab a copy of my DIY Feng Shui E-Guide right HERE and start making the shifts that will free up more space to create what you want so that we can collaborate on your dream home together soon!


Lots of questions come up often. Here are the top 7:

Q: Do I need to buy new furniture or paint my walls? 

Unless you are in the market for all new furniture, we use most of what you already have.  Sometimes we’ll repurpose things (*you do not need any major craft ability, though that’s fun, too).

Painting walls is 100% up to you- I can work within the constraints that you have if you can’t paint or put holes in your walls.  Lots of rentals won’t allow it, and it’s totally fine.

We work with color, elements, furniture placement, art, lighting, scent, nature, food and much more, all tailored to your needs and desires.  Its a multi-layered sensory experience, both fun and wildly effective.

Q: How does the process work of doing Feng Shui online? 

1. Take snapshots of your space

2. Sketch a little floor plan (not perfect) and snap that, too

3. Fill out a very cool “element test” …

4.  Email all of it to me and set a time to Skype

(*fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page & I will send you the specifics, but it is really that easy)

Q: Does it work as well to do Feng Shui online? Isn’t it easier to be in someone’s home? 

I tell this to my clients that I see in person who want me to tell them what to do or even do the moving of stuff myself— the online process often works much better!   I think the reason is that when you take snapshots and draw a floor plan of your place yourself and email them to me  you really get deeply invested in the work rather than relying on me to tell you what to do. I am all about co-creation, and that’s how the most successful spaces have been borne!

Q: Do you need to know my birthday? 

Not unless you want a shout-out on the blog or a card from me.  I don’t do numerology, kua numbers or anything to do with astrology.  (HERE is why, in case you’re wondering.)

Q: Is this religious? 

Nope. Not one bit, not the way I work.

Q: Do you share my personal information with anyone? 

Nope, it’s 100% confidential. In fact, that’s why I don’t publish tons of testimonials.  100% of my clients to my knowledge are super-happy.  Many have become friends.  It’s really personal, what we do together. And highly confidential.  Of course, if you want to brag about your new life, I’m into it!

If you want to see more of what people are saying about me there’s lots of recent press HERE and testimonials HERE.  

Skype did a feature on my consultations and you can read more on the Skype Blog HERE. 

Q: What are the services you offer? 

Here they are…


This is ideal if you are moving into a new house and are starting from scratch, or have a lot going on and want to create a balanced space that reinforces several objectives.  Its a whole new home and from the minute you drive up every day you feel it…!

We focus on three intentions for your consultation.  Make three wishes & that’s what we will work on together.

After your consultation Zoom or call (*two-three hours on average, but I don’t watch a clock) you will receive a recording along with a summary  report with images, specific design ideas & home projects, complete explanations and recommendations.

You can always check in and ask questions to ensure that everything is moving in your home & life as you want it to move. – $898.00


While you might not be able to change your whole apartment building, you will have an apartment that is both a retreat and showcase!

After your consultation Zoom you’ll receive a recording along with a summary of specific recommendations and resources we discuss.

You can always check in and ask questions to ensure that everything is flowing as it should. – $528.00