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Things are wonderful and strange at the moment– and this is what tends to happen to me and many people I know in-between big growth spurts in life.

You’ve outgrown the familiar things you’re used to doing but the new routines aren’t fully familiar or maybe not fully formed yet. Things might be sputtering a bit– like this blog itself (more on that in a moment) that has outgrow it’s present form. You might feel restless and possibly a little overwhelmed by good things or great events.

I’ve seen, lived through and helped people to navigate lots of these big energy changes and I realize that there’s definitely a period of acclimation involved in even the most positive changes.

You recalibrate. Tie up loose ends. Really sweep away the remnants of old habits that no longer serve you. You might even change your style or dye your hair or… anything else that is part of getting settled in at this new level of productivity, abundance, energy, creativity, and activity.

If you’ve been working on making a big change and feel a bit wobbly in the midst of all this positive change, I hope this can be helpful… because… it’s time to soar!

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This is the vibe of Scorpio Season this year, 2021— a major burst of light in every color, emotion, frequency and dimension. it’s a time of reinvention, transformation, makeovers, deep thought and deep intimacy.

This month, every cosmic force is speeding forward and we might just be motivated to dive in– to work, to action, to dreams, to growth and, especially, to self-care.

Let’s make the most of this time!

And, if you’re ready to dive into 8 weeks of money makeovers and epic home shifts, the Feng Shui Cash Camp is HERE! xoxo!!! Dana

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Wait…. the year is not over yet!

It’s true. There are 9 full weeks left in the year as I type this– and even if there’s less than one full week I think it’s worth exploring this idea of getting set up for a truly new chapter full of even more love, fulfillment, wellness and wealth.

And, in my case, half a home makeover that might just be completely life changing.

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I had a really instructive conversation today with friends today in the midst of a time sensitive business venture. Well, it was instructive for me and I hope for them, too, in some way, because I’ve sat in their shoes and knew what it felt like to hold myself back actively.

What I recognized in this conversation was a lot of the things I used to argue for as limitations that I needed to have in my life. If anyone told me differently, they just didn’t understand me.

Let’s look at this today vs. sinking your whole heart without any reservations into whatever you’re doing.

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You may love getting up at 5am and running through an elaborate checklist of things to do as your optimizing morning time.

You may barely have ten minutes to spare in an average morning and can’t see yourself doing any elaborate morning routines.

It’s well-worth having a morning routine even if you’re super busy and need to fit in just a few minutes of pure joy and dreamy visualization to get the day going. You’ll set yourself up for your best kinds of success!

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This pretty much sums up and encapsulates the energy that’s most magnetic.

It’s not frenetic. It’s not obsessive. It’s not complicated. And, you can’t get it wrong.

Today, let’s have fun becoming more magnetic!

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There’s something that switches on inside of me when I know it’s time for a new level of creativity, action, connection, expansion— and it’s definitely not thoughts of working all day and night until I’m falling over!

That was the old me that could not manage to expand. Burned out. Saying “Yes” to everything. Working harder than I physically could manage through sheer will and a self-damnation that burned bright.

If you feel that way, and you’re frustrated about the lack of reward for all you’ve sent out into the Universe, I understand. And, I promise, you can get to a place where you barely even remember this entire cycle.

Now, when I feel a switch turn on inside of me it’s a call to set some new goals that are dreamy (not scary in a punishing way), shed some more emotional/mental/actually baggage and feel better every day. From there, the path unfolds!

Let’s talk about a few ways to prepare for abundant times ahead that are joyful as well as prosperous!

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What would life be like if you had even a little bit more space, connection, mindful, simple, slow, living, learning energy in every day?!

It’s interesting to me that so much of the right column above is what I once associated with success– stuff, fast, complex. And, I felt that feeling exhausted, mindless, living in comparison and judgement was an unfortunate price of that “success.”

If only I knew that nothing I got in the right column would ever match the greatness on the left!

Spending the better part of a decade and a half trying to embrace more space, connection, mindful, simple, slow, living and learning, is not only more pleasant– it’s a far more epic success strategy!

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