“Dana digs wide and deep for the nuggets of wisdom she shares with us in order to help us find the flow in our sometimes chaotic lives. She’s a lifestyle makeover magician, yet so down-to-earth and grounded in reality. She walked into my room and immediately suggested that I add a large wooden desk to my office area. I did, and a few months later I finished the book I had been working on for years! She keeps it simple and practical, a refreshing style in these days of over-the-top spiritual quackery.

Eric Erlandson, guitarist and author


“Let’s put your creativity outside your head.” Words from Dana that stay with me, and come to me when in doubt, but also when I want to enjoy and embrace life.”

Seika Lee,  fashion designer living in Sweden


“Started following The Tao of Dana from The Daily Love on Twitter and absolutely loved Dana’s tweets.  I was open for a lifestyle change so I decided to contact Dana for a consultation.  Dana’s approach to incorporate Feng Shui principals were practical, supportive and detailed in working towards my personalized goals.  Dana will be assisting me in the next major step on my journey purchasing a house in 2012.

With Love & Gratitude,
Linda Homareau in Toronto, Canada


“I have just removed that cluttered closet that was occupying my “career” section of the studio. viola! gone…tore down the walls and cleared it out completely. you wouldn’t recognize my space…. i took all of your advice…. it is soo much nicer… in a few more days what was a black hole will be a beautiful new space to view artwork. thanks for inspiring me and lighting a fire under my ass.

Nick Herman, artist
Los Angeles, CA
 “Your blog has made me be so much more aware of how my physical home and my personal life affect each other. “
Hanna W.

Dear Dana,

I hope you’re doing well. I wanted to give you an update, and share with you some great news about how the changes that you recommended have really inspired me to new heights in my personal life and in my business.

The first thing worth mentioning is your professionalism, which not only met my expectations, but also exceeded them far beyond anything I could have imagined.

If you remember that in 2011 I hired a so-called Feng Shui expert, who’s consultation was essentially her doing a walk-thru measuring the direction of the front door, and the angles of this and that. I followed her recommendations to the letter, and month’s later things had gotten worse, and when she came back out for a second reading she realized that she made a mistake in calculating the directions and angles, which in her view explained why things got worse. You can only imagine how my skepticism grew, but I never blamed the Feng Shui discipline just the incompetency of the so-called expert, and realized that I chose the wrong person.

I could tell that things with you would be different based on our initial phone consultation, and that you would be able to help me. When you came to my home your diligent “fact finding” process pleasantly surprised me, and as we walked through the home your level of questions gave me confidence in knowing that we would find much needed answers on how to draw in the right kind of energy.

I never really knew how each room, based on the location in the home, had it’s own energy, and the affects that it could have on the different parts of my life. Thank you for the education, that was very impressive, and extremely helpful.

After we toured the home, and after you gathered your information, you were amazing in how we sat down and you explained in such great detail all the energy sources that are found in the different parts of the home, and as you were doing that I could start to put together the pieces of the puzzle of my life, and could already see why certain events or emotions had gone wrong, and I started to understand based on your recommendations how we could change things to make things better.

 The one important lesson that you reminded me of was that when you make changes good things come in time when you have the faith and commitment to see those changes through. I think you got a clear glimpse of my “take action” attitude, and that procrastination is not a part of my vocabulary, however you recommended me to take the changes in steps so that the energy can be properly absorbed, rather than overwhelmed and lost.

The change in energy has resulted in my personal life dramatically improving. I have more clarity on what I want in life, and just as importantly what I don’t want or won’t settle for. My financial situation has improved dramatically as well, and there are new doors of opportunities that have opened up. I also returned to finish my Executive MBA and expect to graduate in May of 2015.

Thank you for all the continued support, you have been a Godsend and I really appreciate all that you’ve done for me. I hope that anyone who is considering hiring a Feng Shui artist must seriously consider your expertise as the only option.

Sandro S., California