Food~Shui Monday: Eat More FOOD!

Jan 16, 2012 | Food-Shui

It may seem daunting to turn a new “healthy” page where your eating is concerned, especially if you live behind a desk or between meetings, or juggling ten things at a time.  My favorite approach to all things healthy is “slow & consistent” and my  favorite approach to becoming a little more healthy is to borrow from the superfood experts: raw vegans! Rebecca Henderson, raw vegan goodness expert from Essential Living Foods has a lot to teach you about how easy it is to get a little healthier every day…

Changing your dietary habits isn’t hard. No, really. It isn’t! It involves a few simple steps to rewire how your brain responds to the food you have been feeding it. It’s tricking yourself from yourself.

How is this done?

Raw Vegan, sounds intimidating, but all it really means is adding live, active, FRESH FOODS to your diet. You know FRESH, ORGANIC, preferably local. That old adage of “you are what you eat”, is an old adage for a reason. Just as you are your words, thoughts and actions. If you are putting processed, refined, swimming in artificial additives and gmo’s, what do you think that is going to do your holy temple? Your liver filters everything we put in our bodies, and even though the human body is a wonderwell of adaptogenic properties, this adapting takes time and may take a toll on your health. So drop that Splenda packet, chuck those carbonated beverages and those microwave bags of frozen veggies. Lose the white sugar, the white bread…

This doesn’t mean you are signing up for a raw vegan cult. You are taking steps to loving your liver, your digestive system, your endocrine, your adrenals and your nervous system.

Here’s a great acronym to follow at all times. Never stray from this and your body will reward you with glowing health and sexy stamina!

eat less CRAP:
C – carbonated drinks(all colas, fizzy beverages)
R – refined sugars(candy, white sugar, light brown sugar, powdered sugar)
A – artificial sweeteners & colours(food dyes)
P – processed foods(try not EAT anything that has more than FIVE ingredients)

eat more FOOD:
F – fruit & veggies(as much as possible, make 60% of your diet at least!)
O – organic lean protein
O – omega 3 fatty acids(vitamin d, flax, primrose oil)
D – drink water(lots of it)

Start simple:


To start…Wake up every morning, serve yourself a glass of water, squeeze some fresh organic lemon juice, sweeten with a little organic stevia.

Wait an hour, then make your morning Raw Vegan Green breakfast smoothie. Your thyroid will revel in all the metabolic good-for-you fun you are giving it.

Raw Vegan Green Smoothie: 

cup of spinach
cup of fresh in season berries
two bananas
some mint for added yumminess
two cups water or almond milk
half a cup of ice
a little organic agave nectar.


Later… Eat a complex green salad with four different veggies, learn to love avocados.

See! So easy, so good and good for you.


Rebecca Henderson is spoken word poetess, social media maven for Essential Living Foods and Co-runs a line of organic aromatherapy oils called Pure Magic Organics. She loves to teach people about the merits of introducing raw, vegan and organic foods as much as possible. She is also a practicing Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist and calls Los Angeles, CA her home.

 *for more wellness wisdom, follow Essential Living Foods & Pure Magic Organics on Facebook.



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