Some Feng Shui To Set The Mood For A Hot Date Night!

Jan 24, 2012 | Sensory Goodness

Marilyn Minter

A hot date is not the same for everyone, but everyone will have more fun if a little feng shui sensory goodness gets thrown into the mix! 

Romance is a big topic that stores everyone into passionate action, which is why these topics are so fun! A question came in the other day through my Tumblr from a young woman who was celebrating her two year anniversary with her boyfriend.  She wanted to know what sensory “stuff” she should add to her house to set the mood, as they would retreat to her house after their celebration dinner.  My list of suggestions became as big as a small novella— there are so many ways to enhance romance with feng shui techniques!  A you read, please keep in mind that the purpose of these tips is to set the mood for a night or a short period of time, and let it sizzle! (I don’t suggest any of this on a daily basis, but something of a list to pull out to take things up a notch!)

peonies are the love magnets of the early Spring season!

Enough of my talking, lets get to the action! Here are a handful of my hottest feng shui tips for setting a romantic stage:

  • Lush fresh flowers.  normally the red rose Springs to mind, but seasonally, there are other flowers that “attract” passion and love.  Peonies are my favorite “romance” flowers of the late Winter/ early Spring.  Gardenias bespeak a more “sweet” and pure love, while red roses and deep red carnations (a perfect, old fashioned pick!) represent a more passionate love…more our speed right now!
  • Use candles to get the mood, but try for unscented candles (soy, beeswax) that are long tapers (long-lasting and sexy to watch burn)…. If you are clever you can sneak a drop or two of sandalwood oil at the base of each candle and it will gently diffuse as the candles burn.
  • If you want to have a super-sensual experience, new, super-high thread count bedsheets that are super smooth will carry you to new heights of “pampered” and luxurious.  On that note, a drop of yang yang oil under each pillow can do wonders for libido, but beware staining your glamorous new sheets (I usually put directly on the pillow beneath the case, or on a cotton ball that I stuff into the underside of a pillow)
  • Make a playlist of meaningful music.  Yep, this will really add an extra layer of communication between the two of you, as music is rich in connection to memories.
  • Keep both of your favorite snacks in the fridge.
  • Make sure there are pairs of everything- two glasses, two candlesticks, two vases, two pillows, two, two, two…. two nightstands as well!!!
  •  And, clean up in a huge way before the big night.  If ever there was a time to dump junk and get the house clean, it’s right now!

Have fun and, as always, let love inspire you!  If you have your own tips, please share!!! xoxo Dana


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