If You Need Energy, Your House Might Need Bling!

Jan 31, 2012 | Home Style

House bling is any sparkling, glittering home accessory that tosses around light and potentially even reflects rainbows.  House bling at its best blends the dynamic energy of a mirror, the sense of exacting metal energy that precisely defines a space and the watery motion of creative thoughts.  Now, if I could put a disco ball or three in every room of my house I would consider it, but until that day comes, here is a handful of easy-to-find house bling to liven up your dark corners and rigid decor…

house bling

The best of sparkle from Z Gallerie! A crystal bench can even add glitter to a dull bathroom, tea light holders amplify the shimmer of flames, a tabletop fountain gets the energy moving in bigger waves when dipped in metal, crystal napkin rings bring a tabletop to life.

couldn't resist a little swarovski crystal wallpaper!

cb2 drop vases & West Elm silver orbs for high gloss intensity!

No matter where you toss bling, you will do a good thing for your energy.  Just make sure your house is super-clean before adding sparkle and reflection— the last thing you need to do is amplify and magnify the dust & clutter!  Have fun! xxoo Dana

(Shopping? Images from top collage are at Z Gallerie. Bottom collage cb2 vases & West Elm orbs.)


  1. Melody

    Hi Dana,

    I love your blog! I’ve really gotten into feng shui in recent years, and have been trying to pick up some more tips along the way.

    An art piece really caught my eye – it’s a series of three sun-shaped metal pieces that have fake round jewels within them (lots of jewels). I read something about gem energy and how different gems have different energy? Also, not sure if this makes a difference, but I was thinking of putting the metal suns in the helpful people/travel corner (bottom west of Bagua box).

    Is this ok?

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

    Thank you,

    • danaclaudat

      they sound lovely! put them wherever you need a boost of wake-yourself-up inspiration! xoxi


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