IKAT: My Gorgeous Feng Shui Way To Add Fire To Any Room

Feb 7, 2012 | Home Style

Ikat letterpress makes business cards come to life!

Ikat is a fabric pattern with many faces, from diffuse spots to chevrons to more ornate emblems and diffuse color schemes. If you have a room that needs a splash of fire energy, but fire color is not appropriate, often an Ikat can do the trick!  After many seasons on the couture runways, Ikat is on its way to becoming a fashion classic, and for the home, I dare say it already is and will remain!

An Ikat bowl from Target (only $9.99!) and a few yards of fabric to serve as an unsophisticated but unforgettable table runner = major kitchen/dining room fire.

A few multicolored Ikat pillows from Tabletonic can bring a room to life!

Ikat upholstery is always unique, bedding can bring the sizzle of fire into a color scheme that rejects the roses and plums, and wow...what a fabulous idea to frame some Ikat fabric to make an artwork that could stand up to a Philip Taaffe!


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