French Chic & Feng Shui : The Paris Apartment Rocks!

Feb 20, 2012 | Home Style

Parisian architecture at its best is sublime, and even at its worst is still fantastic!

Paris is pure magic, style, grace and the Master Class in artful living.  In fact I should be living in Paris right now, and if all goes well I will be soon enough!  In my reverie, I stumbled upon the insanely beauty-filled boutique & blog The Paris Apartment and, several hours later, my mind is full of sensory feng shui ideas that I can’t wait to share!!!

The flea markets are divine...!

Parisienne Chic is a whole realm of restraint and excess wrapped in one big multi-textured package.  From antique crystal to perfect polished floors, clean lines mix with baroque accents.  The idea of life is a luxuriously sensuous experience, that is the cultural ethos of French life.  Art, fabric, antiques, modern touches and hand-craftsmanship create quite the delicious array of goodies.

bottom is before, top is after and the result is INCREDIBLE

Now, back to my first incredible ideas from The Paris Apartment, starting with idea #1 (pictured above):  wallpaper small areas using remnants or stripes of many different papers that you love!  Look at the bountiful transformation of a small section of a wall with several strips of great wall textile!  Texture and rhythm add motion and visual interest to a space.  For a creative office, this energy is conducive to brilliant ideas and great dynamics.

vintage textiles are so intricate and precious

My idea #2 to spice up your decor in a handmade, vintage French sense… indulge in some vintage textiles.  A few swatches of fabric taken to your local tailor (or your sewing machine!) can turn into amazing pillow cases in no time flat.  Better yet, go to your local craft store and get an assortment of embroidery hoops.  Stretch the fabric inside the hoops and in less than 30 seconds you have wall-ready artwork!

feathers and flowers!!!

My idea #3: vintage fare can find a second home in lighting and centerpieces. Exciting feathers, silk flowers and vintage jewels can find a second life in tandem with your lighting and table decor.  This is a super-fun way to personalize and create connections to your decor.  I am making a chandelier full of my grandmother’s old costume pearls and rhinestones.  Find your own way to add surprise and personality with these glamorous touches.

There is nothing like a chandelier to change your room completely! All of these beauties are at The Paris Apartment shoppe.

Idea #4 for creating allure and radiance… the crazy-crystaled chandelier!  As long as you refrain from hanging it directly over your bed, a crystal chandelier will bring both fire AND a rainbow of color through refracted light into any room.  One tip when hanging chandeliers is to center them atop a table, seating area or entranceway and strike a balance between hanging too high (which pulls your head up, which is distracting) and too low (which brings your gaze down and makes the room feel a bit oppressive).  Play around until you find the perfect height. And, yes, all of these vintage beauties above are from The Paris Apartment boutique!

Ah, and the canopy gets historical in velvet.

Last but not least, since I could go on for days about this blog and shoppe, idea #5: If you bedroom feels lacking in substance, consider fashioning yourself a canopy with some velvet or other soft, draping fabric.  Royal purple or navy is a great unisex color to create this regal “cocoon” for your bed.  You can’t get much more glamorous than this!


For much much more excitement before you redecorate your home or fly yourself off to Europe, check out The Paris Apartment… So much greatness in inspiration, you won’t be disappointed!!! xoxo Dana



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