Feng Shui 101: Little Tweaks Can Make Gorgeous Interior Design Totally Brilliant!

Mar 6, 2012 | Home Style

When you put a fire color- especially a red- on the ceiling, it pulls you out of the room, becomes distracting and menacing and makes it hard to engage in the actual room.

Great feng shui my way is ALWAYS great design, but great design is NOT always great feng shui.  Little feng shui-based tweaks of gorgeous interior design can raise its basic feng shui quotient 100%, so I thought it would be fun today to look at some luscious home design from House & Home  and show you how a few small shifts can make it both gorgeous and energetically awesome!

Ok, lets push the sofa over a bit to the left & lose the dead twig vase. A pale lime green throw on the sofa can add another layer of creative goodness.

Sometimes, subtracting a few elements and making little shift can get the general feng shui flowing (picture it above)… Sometimes, centering a room can make all the difference (imagine it below)…

Ok, little tables and chairs that you can never eaten reach to sit in are bad "energy" suckers, like this one beside the fireplace. SEe what I mean? Also, the coffee table needs to shift a bit to the left and the light fixture needs to be re-hung to be centered with the mantle. See how much better that would be?!

Below, another example of how a litter center in of the room can restore a sense of gravity and calmness.

Lets turn this coffee table in the opposite orientation, move it more solidly beneath the chandelier, and add some fire color like corals or a quiet pink to artwork on the walls instead of a strange painted panel.

And, for all of you Mid Century lovers, heres a fabulous room that could benefit from a bit more comfort and warmth of fire:

This MidCentury Modern space is fly, but lets picture it with a splash of fire element (even lavender will do, but I'd go for magenta or coral or tangerine) and the well-designed hard-edged chairs look a bit too uncomfortable to create a great gathering space. Swapping these chairs for a loveseat or a larger club chair with ottoman can turn this into a more welcoming and exciting space.

Can you imagine how a little shift here & there can make a world of difference in these glamorous spaces?  Can you see what you can do in your own home to get the energy flowing?  Here’s to being inspired! xoxo Dana

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  1. Carolyn

    Don’t you love how just some minor tweeks can completely change the positive energy of a space! Good Feng Shui is just the Best!!


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