Office Feng Shui For Monday: How To Feel Refreshed During Endless Workdays!

Mar 12, 2012 | Prosperity

Olafur Eliasson's waterfalls under the Brooklyn Bridge... how did I miss this?!

There are loads of different approaches to feng shui and the office to create prosperity. But, today, lets not only think prosperous, lets think energized and refreshed in the endless hours spent behind a computer.  Ready for a little pick-me-up office feng shui?

Skip the ever-present coffee or tea on your desk and/or supplement it with a pitcher of water.  A great pitcher, if you will, something glass and elegant, something with a few extra glasses for guests.  Take it to the next level and add slices of citrus, a handful of basil, fun fruit like watermelon when it comes in season, or stir some cucumber in the mix.  Its worth the five minutes it takes to throw this big pitcher of water together.  When you are dehydrated you start to get “tired and wired”… Its the most difficult state for your nervous system and suddenly you are wide awake but can’t seem to get anything done!

Trade in your office light bulbs for full-spectrum bulbs.  THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT if you don’t have windows where you sit, but its important overall.  If you can’t change your  light, get a desk lamp that has a full-spectrum bulb in it.  The light mimics that of the sun in its spectrum of colors, and it will help you regulate your mood when bad weather hovers or the day turns into night…

Try “small perimeter” aromatherapy; its very powerful stuff.   Basically, put a drop or three of ginger, rosemary, peppermint (in the morning, only), or clary sage (used by Da Vinci to get inspiration!) essential oils on a piece of unglazed pottery (like the bottom of a terracotta pot you can buy at your local garden store) beside your computer or workspace.  The “perimeter” of the fragrance will not spread much further than your desk, so even in small, shared spaces this is very effective to get “re-tuned” when the day is long &/or exhausting.

Pantone's Rubik's Cube is the elegant toy you can get away with!

Bring a few game-like toys to work. I know, you would not be caught dead playing with a Slinkie, or messing with a Rubik’s cube when you have stuff to get done, but a few minutes of a break to do anything fun-like (a little zen sand garden or sketchpad counts!) to get away from both your computer and your left-brain (rational) thoughts! Again, I’m gonna mention fish.  This is a good place to work a Betta or goldfish into your office, as a meditative zone-out tool as well as fresh life.

OK. Also, don’t neglect the fact that as much as you love what you do, there is a big world outside of your office that needs to see you present!  Even one baby-step toward balance is a big step toward true success.  xoxo Dana


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