The Vibe Of Your Furniture & Your Happy Life

Mar 23, 2012 | Home Style

Furniture, accessories, objects are all invested with energy and memory.  If we get a little quantum-theory about this: all objects are created by atomic particles held together by “magnetic” energetic bonds.  This is pure science, not woo-woo theory.  So, if you have something in your life or home that has a bad vibe, or an unsuitable vibe for you, you might be affected by it.  Lets check it out…!

The Vintage Conundrum:Vintage furniture happens to be something I love.  However, if you don’t intrinsically love a piece at first site- even if its a gift, a great deal or freebie taken-on DIY project- you will be hard-pressed to make it work for you.  My friend called me today about a dresser that someone found for her at a vintage store.  She knew she didn’t want the dresser, but to be grateful and crafty, she accepted it and hired people to refinish it for her.  The days passed and the dresser became more of a point of anxiety than anticipation.  Even when beautifully refinished, it made her feel… terrible.  It wasn’t how it looked, it was how it FELT.  Needless to say, someone in her neighborhood grabbed the refinished dresser in minutes because it “vibed” with them.

Moral of the story: if you don’t love it, don’t take it on.

Other People Decorating Your Home:  Whether its a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, friend or interior designer, if you have other people decorating your space, you need to retain the right to veto what you don’t love or connect with, period.  There are plenty of people who will emphatically tell you that their idea (be it a vintage tea set or a sofa) is going to be perfect for you.  You need to feel it for yourself.  Great designers will run things by you and get your feedback without a problem if you ask them to do it.   Anyone who has free-reign over your space might vibe with everything they love, yet it will leave you feeling like you are in a stranger’s home.

Family Heirlooms & Your Life:  Not everything you inherit may be good for you to have.  There are some things so loaded with memories that they bring the life of a person to your home in a positive way.  Other objects may do quite the opposite.  Use inherited furnishings with a care.  You may want to feel your grandmother’s presence in the living room, but not the bedroom, etc, etc.  If you truly can’t stand something, its time to call your relatives and give them a gift!

Memories Of Times Past:  Old relationship stuff- be it from your ex-husband or old lover, probably has little place in your home unless it has truly great value to your life.  Sometimes we use objects to romanticize the “good times” or preserve a memory by preserving a space exactly how it was.  Living in the past is not healthy, especially when you have not moved on in a certain area of your life since that time.  Remixing, donating or even repurposing this stuff can help you to create a fresh start!

Check the vibes in your home…. What do you feel or think about your stuff?!  Embrace it or change it!  xoxo Dana


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