What Does Your Bedroom Say About Who You Are & What Matters To You?

Mar 26, 2012 | Feng Shui 101

Lets look at a splashy bedroom I found at the delightful Mimi+Meg  blog and see what message its sending about its owner in “feng shui language.” Hint: sexy, noncommittal and aggressive are a few good words to start…

BED PLACEMENT: First off, if you look at this room, the bed is in a powerful position.  Although you can’t see they whole room, if you could you would see that the bed is positioned in the center of the wall opposite the entrance door in the Fame/Power area of the feng shui bagua map.  This is a great position when you are looking for a lasting relationship, or you seek a powerful coupling.

ELEMENTAL FIRE: All the energetic pink wallpaper by Amanda Nisbet  adds a ton of fire acne unstructured yet sexy action to the room.  A stocked fireplace adds more elemental fire energy to the space.  Fire creates incredible amounts of action and catalyzes change.

ART: Nothing is more purely sexual than Marilyn Minter overhead to light up the feng shui passion signs.  This tongue full of of candy is literally swallowing up the bed in passion.  Given that its an image of one mouth deliciously open, its likely the bedroom of one person with a delight and voraciousness for passion.  This art is a singular, personal expression rather than a unifying image that expresses the want for a coupling. Here its likely a single person, or one who indulges in very vivid affairs.

CONFIDENCE:  The grounding, neutral bed skirt, strong headboard and solid wall panels all resonate strength and confidence.  This is the room of someone strong, confident and playing by their own rules.  The luscious furry throw add another layer of sensory goodness and hedonism to the mix.

What’s missing: A second nightstand is conspicuously absent (which is a tell-tale sign of someone who does NOT want a relationship!),  the mirror facing the bed is awkward, unstable-looking and not a good thing (mirrors facing beds are less-than-feng-shui-optimal, the room is a bit dehydrated (no water element… a bit of glass or tiffany blue on the night table or mantle would be great, the mossy fern-like plant would be better replaced by a fresh pitcher of multicolored or steely white blooms) and… something soft underfoot would be fabulous at the foot of the bed.

So, this sexy, confident, grounded, successful, powerful person who consciously or unconsciously wants to be alone or uncommitted, is not necessarily emotionally open but is physically liberated… thats the feng shui language of this room.  What about you? What does your bedroom say about you??? Let me know! If your sleep, confidence or love-life is not quite right, it may be time for a feng shui bedroom makeover! xoxo Dana


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