Feng Shui Q & A: What Colors Create Better Luck And Serenity?

Apr 2, 2012 | Feng Shui 101

the warm cheer of yellow in a gathering room full of light!

You asked: What color should I paint my walls? I want something that would bring me good luck and serenity.

My answer:  

Here is the thing…. luck is something feng shui can not (honestly and truly) create. Anyone who says they can create LUCK is… well… probably not someone you should hire in my very unhumble opinion.  Now if we talk about increasing flows of prosperity with feng shui…? Well, yes, we can look at that!  Or nurturing love in your life? Yes, there are things feng shui can do in that department. Maybe its best if I say this: we can’t necessarily increase “luck” in general but we can target an area of life and make you more open to receiving and more actively engaged in that aspect of your world.  Does this sound good?

Luck implies a supernatural occurrence of some sort, a magic formula that takes your participation out of the equation.  I am not that powerful.  I am powerful at working with you to get you participating in your own wellbeing.  That’s not quite luck, but its way more rewarding, real and stable.

can you see how deep navy is powerfully emotional?

So, I am going to focus first on serenity.  Dark colors ( i.e. very-saturated hues) are most “emotional” in the way they are perceived.  If you are looking for deeply emotional environments, dark colors should be present in passionate ways.  That said, since we are being general here, I prefer sticking to lighter, more “user-friendly” colors to recommend for your walls.  Dark walls can easily backfire, and I’d like to give you something you can use as a start.

these sage green walls from Martha Stewart are lively but subdued.

I am going out on a limb and I’m going to give you a few different options of colors even though they will be general.  Everyone has feng shui elements that they need to balance specifically in their lives, but these colors stand up well in both feng shui and psychological reals of testing and use.  Light blue can amplify a self-reflective serenity and confidence, like a flow of thoughts.  Yellows create warmth and light and can be cheerfully grounding.  Greens, like a sage or pale lime, will boost flexible wood energy and promote growth.  Greens are a little more “active” energy than plain old still & reflective serenity found in blues but may give you a bit more of a sense of action that will help get you moving, increasing “growth” symbolically and actually!

Great question! Hope that helps! xoxo Dana


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