Feng Shui Approved Ikea Hacks For Spring!

Apr 6, 2012 | Home Style


Basic IKEA is unrecognizable with a little paint and some inexpensive Overlays that adhere to the surface!

Basic IKEA furniture can find a second life with a good hack!  IKEA HACKERS inspired me this morning.  While some of their “hacks” are way over my skill level, these hacks are both doable and useful.  If you need to add color, storage, style or nature to your home, read on!


Fniss Wastebasket turned Deep Root Planter

Two years ago I went to a nursery and spent $150 to plant five “custom” baskets on one of my patios.  Was it awesome? Yes.  Do I wish read this Ikea Hackers post & I went to IKEA to get Fniss wastebaskets and poke holes in them? Yep, now I do!  For $2 a piece, you can make yourself awesome “deep root” planters for your patio tomatoes in minutes!

Billy bookcase gets a new life with crown molding!

Spring Cleaning leads to Spring Storage needs!  Flip over a little Billy Bookcase, add crown molding to the top and this Billy Bookcase Hack emerges.  Looks clean and much more “custom” than the standard Billy.

ikea lamp hack

Very Verner Pantone!

A Spring-Fling with a PS Maskros lamp can yield a lot of Verner Pantone-like style for very little invested skill in this lamp hack.


The Lack coffee table serves as the base for a very stylish upholstered ottoman that can be customized to add style to your living room!

The Lack coffee table finds a more plus, inviting style in this Lack Hack that may seem complex but is so simple to do!  I’m a fan of the silky soft fabric for a casual living room, and here I’d even do something ultra-brite to light up the room and add more of a sense of gravity.

And, last but not least, lets talk about O’verlays.  While I didn’t find this at Ikea Hackers, I was blown away by them and they are a must-have if you are re-doing your IKEA furniture!!!  These thin, adhesive wood veneers are custom-sized to popular IKEA furniture, so you can easily take your average plain Jane pieces to an extraordinary place!

Now, this is a very cool DIY!!!

Can you think of a way to give your home a little facelift for Spring, Ikea Hackers style?  A little imagination can help you get the soft, fresh, prosperous, clean energy of Spring flowing in your home… with great style! xoxo Dana


  1. sonia

    Good morning, I stumble upon your beautiful bureau, desk in blue and gold, the first on this page!
    I would love to know what color you use to come up with this fabulous finish
    Thank you Dana

    • danaclaudat

      Oh I wish IU knew the exact color. If someone out there knows, or knows of something close, please let us know! xoxo Dana



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