Feng Shui Q & A: Is This How To Get Married Using Feng Shui?

Apr 6, 2012 | Feng Shui 101


Fredrick Remington

A reader asked the question:  “Some feng shui master told me to pin up a painting of seven horses to fasten my marriage (get a man to wed me). Is it true?”

My answer:

Did you do it? Did it work?

The best way for me to respond is to say that this is not the type of feng shui I study and practice. Pyramid School Feng Shui is not “mystical/superstitious” in that way. It is very pragmatic and avoids “magic cures” because, essentially, they are wound up in religious and superstitious thinking that has no real pragmatic explanation in our culture and alienates many. In addition, the type of Buddhism that they are based on is historically, in the lineage of Buddhist study, out-of-date and heretical. Its a bad thing for me to litter your life with bad causes on my behalf.   All that said, I don’t deal with horse paintings.  Its out of my jurisdiction!

When thinking about marriage, I suggest you look at how stable your home is physically.  Is everything in good repair? Are you happy with the way things look and feel? Do you have a welcoming home? Are you exciting about your life and living it fully?  These are the type of questions that many experts say (and have told me) that you should be able to answer when determining if you are ready for marriage.

You can also leave room in a drawer in your bedroom and space in your closet “symbolically” for someone else.  A friend kept a 6-pack of beer in her refrigerator as though she lived with a guy who would drink it, and now, one child and many years of marriage later, she does!  There are lots of cases of “living as if” you had your partner that I have heard of, and that’s a personal choice.  The most vital choice here is that you live well and stay open and get some good wisdom on the subject to bolster your relationship and marriage success rate!

xoxo Dana


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