Design Ideas To Expand Your Personal Horizons

Apr 12, 2012 | Creativity

James Turrell

Its a scientific fact that either things are in the process or growing or the process of disintegrating.  Nothing stays the same.  If you are choosing growth rather than decline, its a good idea to check in with yourself from time to time to see if you are pushing the boundaries of your life rather than working carefully within them to maintain a status quo.  Here are a few feng shui ways to keep stretching, reaching and growing as you move through life.

Load up on plants! Plants are a simple and extremely valuable way to nurture the energy of growth in your life.  Indeed, should you dare to go there, create garden on your patio or in your yard.  If you are city-bound, think about signing on to a local community garden and getting your own plot.  This is a really great way to truly start “growing” in life.

Artust Jim Lambie's floor installation.

Use a repetitive pattern in design to create motion in an area of your home that has been standing still.  Wallpaper is an excellent way to create repetition.  Floor tiles can also do the trick.  You can even find an artwork full of patterns or juxtaposed colors that wakes up the sense of “marching forward” in life.

Frame your windows or “unblock” them to create a bigger vantage point from wherever you may be.  If you keep your curtains closed, open them up during the day.  If you don’t have a view, add more light THAT POINTS UPWARD  to your home.  A few upward-facing canister or spot lights can make a big difference.

Tara is The Ultimate In Yoga You CAN Do Anywhere!

Create a yoga/stretching space at home.  Your bedroom will work just fine.  Create a little space where you can roll out a yoga mat or simply use a clear space on the floor for a dedicated time each day to stretch or do yoga.  Tara Stiles is the ultimate expert in doing yoga anywhere, and these videos can get you started!  Yoga and stretching stretch your mind and body, enhancing the wood energy of growth.

Create a plan.  If you don’t have a place to channel all this energy of growth it will fritter off in many unhealthy directions.  You absolutely need a plan, even if you deviate from the plan.  Keeping a little reminder on your computer desktop or written on the back cover of your journal will keep you remembering what you need to do for yourself to stay on your path, not anyone else’s.  Try keeping your desktops clear and keep fresh white or metal in your workspace to stay more focused and calm.

Ok, there you go.  I wish you so much fun on your growing path!!!

xoxo Dana



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