6 Artists I Just Discovered That Will Excite You!

Apr 14, 2012 | Life With Art

devon sioui

Devon Sioui

Every once and a while I find a curator online that can mix the old and new, the established artists of might and the fresh faces that are poking through the firmament. Jemma of Rustybreak is one such curator.

Art can provide a concrete vision of a fantasy or a feeling.  It can instruct, it can illuminate, it can transform and it can simplify the most complex statements in a sensory statement.  Great artists provide clear communication of even the most complex orchestra of emotions and sensations.  Here are six artists that I just discovered while getting lost in the gorgeousness of Rustybreak who have an energy that thrills me.

Devon Sioui (above )can musically shape space through texture and an amalgamation of colors that maintain their identity while all contributing to a chorus.  The piece above, “The Colour of Purpose” finds its way to emote a totality of motion and new beginnings while casting actual light on you are you look at it… light shining through the near-chaos just as purpose finds its way out of the complexity of living.

Tim Bavington

Tim Bavington

Tim Bavington does not haphazardly streak colors so alive that they are visual caffeine, he seems to allow them to stretch and pull along the surface of art.  If feels as if an idea is being visualized and made concrete from its core.  Fire and vertical strength make this work indelible.

jim hodges

Jim Hodges

If I could eat a boulder, I would eat this Jim Hodges piece.  In nature, when the energy of earth is intense it transforms to the energy of metal.  Here is a perfect illustration of how  from the solidity of earth springs metal.  Metal is refining, separating, individuating and luscious.  Metal smooths and shines the surface of stone, reflecting the environment while adding grace and wonder.


Bernard Frize

Bernard Frize is an architect of color. If Devon Sioui creates music, Bernard Frieze builds structure.  The thickness of paint, the molten edges of each cascading hue, the controlled color palette and the crazy-intense power of the whole provide a sense of oomph to what could easily be blah.

Barry Underwood

Barry Underwood

When you light the ground to create stars on earth, you are Barry Underwood.  The peppering of bulbs create a celestial blanket that changes the way a landscape looks, almost turning it upside down.  A shift in perspective this radical can inspire so many new ideas, and that candy-colored twist here is hypnotic.

Lauren Clay

Lauren Clay

Lauren Clay is fashion design turned solid art installation, using a profusion of wood to dress an object and make it feel as if it could spread its winds and fly.  The rhythm of the surface, the excitement of the repetition and the cascade if subtle color and delight all packaged in such a meticulous manner make this art not unlike a classic couture dress.

In your life, remember that sensory experience is the only way to experience life.  Great art is the amalgamation of many senses, communicating on many levels at once.  Explore your artistic sensibility & you can learn so much about who you are, what you idealize and where your life is headed! Exciting stuff!!!  xoxo Dana


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