Spring Has Sprung! Art And Abundance From Saatchi Online

Apr 20, 2012 | Life With Art

Katarzyna Kopanska’s Bust In The Studio from Saatchi Online

Saatchi Online is a mecca of art discovery that is well worth indulging in, so I thought to pull together a gorgeous Spring collection from their ranks that is visual poetry demonstrating absolute abundance.  It is true lovely, so much fun and visually consuming all at once!  

Flowers, freedom, fruit, leaves, creativity… this is the real thing.  I love when art feels organic and like its emerging from a cocoon! Lets just let a few goodies I found today speak for themselves….!

Holes #4 by Liat Elbing from Saatchi Online

Freedom by Matta Biagia from Saatchi Online

Lusting Bees by Wahida Ahmed

Red Leaves by Ebru Acar Taralp from Saatchi Online

Feast by Michael Galvin from Saatchi Online

What do you think? Beautiful, right?!  At Saatchi Online you can find prints for under a hundred dollars or major works in the many thousands…and all so well curated you will be finding gems in a sea of gems! Have fun! xoxo Dana


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