Feng Shui For Better Sex & A Sexier You!

May 1, 2012 | Sensory Goodness

Marilyn Minter photo of Pam Andreson that froths with sexy juju.

Sexy. Its a state of mind, body, soul…and environment.  While the right lover will make or break your sex life, the right environment will increase the chances of magnetizing and nurturing  “The One” in your love life.  Here are 9 feng shui inspired ways to get you excited to love, love, love in a sensually open way.

Noble & Webster

  1. Get twin sandalwood candles- grounded energy opens the lower chakras (energy centers) which enhances sex response.
  2. Just a drop of yang yang oil dotted on pulse points (wrist, neck) several hours pre-date actually enhances pheromone production.
  3. Avoid artificially perfumed or any heavily naturally perfumed soaps, colognes, body sprays or lotions pre-date… attraction is based on chemistry between our natural scents.  This has been extensively studied. That new bottle of perfume you bought might be chasing love away from you!
  4. Silk sheets are extremely sexy but impractical, yet silk pillows on a bed, especially in jeweled fire colors like deep red or violet, both look and feel alluring.
  5. Do not use space under your bed for storage. Clear under the bed so that energy can circulate and you aren’t making love atop your old clothes, books, junk or, worse, gifts from ex-boyfriends!
  6. Have music on hand to add an extra layer of sensory information that moves energy and enhances emotional response.  soulful music, jazz- yes.  rock radio ballads or hip hip- maybe not.
  7. Just like in the kama sutra, prepare for sexy dates with a healthy dose of skin softening body oil, lotion and even a great bath.  If you want to be truly giving to your lover, draw him or her a bath and make it a fabulous concoction. 
  8. If you need more passion, store a few hot romance/erotic novels in your nightstands. Remove all how-to-keep-a-man books and all other “self-help” or horror literature.  Keep it light! Think POETRY. Not politics.

    e.e. cummings love poems. as much of a turn-on as chocolate or champagne. the only thing better? when you get a personal poem, song or love note...!

  9. Freshly washed, silky sheets (rough sheets are terrible to touch. clean sheets have fresh energy, as you literally wash away skin cells when you wash/ change your sheets) are parmount to awesome sex.  Ladies, you know when a man cares: he will wash his sheets for you!

 Oh yes… and no stress. This is all fun! xoxo Dana


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