Up & At Em! Here Are Some Tricks To Get Out Of Bed Early…And Happy!

May 3, 2012 | Sensory Goodness

No one every wants to leave a fabulous bed... (image via Apartment Therapy)

Waking up basically sucks, unless you have something great to look forward to or you wake at  “just the right ” moment in the right way.  OK, lets face it… mainly we all want to sleep a little more! Here are a couple of get-the-hell-out-of-bed tricks that will sway you toward becoming a morning person…

peppermint oil makes your life sing with energy in the early am!

Peppermint oil is like caffeine for your shower!  The easiest aromatherapy is a few drops of peppermint oil on the perimeter of your shower (rather than directly in the stream of water); the result is a shower that will dazzle you to total alertness!  

Holy-moley, this color-changing LED light shower head turns a rainbow of hues from the temperature of the water it sprays...

Hot/Cold showers are crazy but amazing. Crazy torture for me is cold water, ever, but if you dare to do it, alternating cold & hot water at several minute intervals once or twice in the shower will blow your mind and get your circulation flowing. You can always get a groovy custom shower head to make your shower a bit more of a massage  (or a light-show, like in these LED color display shower heads to the left!)

Get your bedroom the right temperature.  Too hot a room and you will get very dehydrated and not want to wake up.  Too cold a room and you will never want to leave the warmth of your comforter.  Next time you don’t want to get out of bed, take stock of the temperature situation & adjust it accordingly!

this fancy alarm clock sends good vibes into the air in the morning

Fancy-up your alarm clock. I myself find that the good old-fashioned iPhone alarm is the easy-breezy way to wake up, but it’s also massively unpleasant, even in the best of ring-tone situations. Clocks like this one to the left from Now & Zen can bring a specific musical note to your morning, rather than an electronic buzzing hollar.   

Cue up your favorite music (iPod, even vinyl) just a few steps from your bed. If you must move from your bed to your music, you must get out of bed.  This is a good trick for those of you who don’t have lots of alone time or downtime.  A musical morning sets the soundtrack for the day.

drink up first thing in the morning and you will be massively less dehydrated!

Try to go to bed between before midnight. 10:00 is best, but not many of you would dare sleep that early. Your organ repair happens in the early portion of the evenings according to Traditional Chinese Medicine theory.  So, if you don’t sleep early enough, you don’t repair your organs properly, as the theory goes. thats’ a little motivating…no?!

Keep fresh water at the side of the bed.  A pitcher of water, even plain old filtered non-fancy water, and a glass or two is the ultimate morning elixir.  Plus, you will feel a bit pampered, like you are sleeping at a hotel, and that is a good thing!

If you have a favorite waking-up ritual, please share. I can never ever get enough of them! xoxo Dana

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