Find A Bright Spot (Of Color) In Every Day!

May 5, 2012 | Home Style

Even if you thrive on neutral spaces because you are a high-strung maniac, even if your idea of peace is immersion in a jungle, barefoot…mentally, physically and emotionally we all need color.  Color has vibration, it has memory attached to it, it has life force and symbolism.  Here are a few ways to add a bright spot to your home or office, a place where color grabs your attention and heightens your focus.  Bright color is life force, so its well worth adding some near-neon brights to your life… even in little, glorious bits!

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Every home needs a little awesome & Bright.  Maybe its a fly chair on sale at HauteLook?  Or, maybe its a feathery neon-bright juju hat from my dear lifestyle crush Tabletonic?!

Tabletonic's juju hat = much more than a pop of color, its a whole fantasy land in a feathery piece of wall decor!

 Or go even more simple… some neon fabric spray-glued onto the top of a desk to create a magnetizing workspace.

Even if you don't get the chair, you can easily fashion a neon topper for your desk!

Even if you can’t handle a wall and don’t want “decor”…what about a neon-esque door?  Tip: do this for a door that moves frequently to make the energy flow stay smooth and energized, making the the door less of an obstruction and more of a punch of vigor as you breeze past all day!

Alexandra Von Furstenberg is a color queen, for sure... and a massive design icon of mine!

You can be super-simple in your color-addition and pile a coffee table with fresh, bright coasters like these delicious ones above from Alexandra Von Furstenberg, so insanely sulptural and yummy I want to eat them!

This 2Modern DIY project involves old glass vases, spray paint & instant gratification!

Or get crafty, with this 2Modern DIY dream project that takes minutes and endlessly rewards you with colorific joy!

No matter what you do… consider color.  Life can’t be all black, white & grey!  xoxo Dana


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