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May 22, 2012 | Prosperity

basquiat's famous brain...

The mind is a beautiful space that can either help or hinder your total well being!  Did you know that…

Your mind is pretty complex yet enormously simple and that this mind is genetically influenced, although you can change the expression of your genes.  Did you know that you create your world in thoughts and actions and you can train yourself to be more efficient & more eloquent in your whole life?!?!  Here are some of the grooviest articles I’ve been reading on the SCIENCE of the mind and the ways that we can actually make changes (it can be as easy as grabbing a yoga mat!!!)

Some Mind Power For Monday!

Truly genius!  Please send me your favorite articles if you have any!  I am always looking for quantum goodies to read & integrate into the feng shui! xoxo Dana


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