I’m Loving Restoration Hardware’s Silver Sages!

May 23, 2012 | Home Style

In the never-ending search for perfect interior paint colors, a very stylish client turned me on to the magic of Silver Sage paints from Restoration Hardware. Let the dreamy perfection of clean, cool, creative, calm green and a hint of energetic blue begin!

LOVING THESE!!! silver sage, sea green & blue sage clockwise from the top!
Just about any room can benefit from the creative and peaceful sages that have been grouped into a fabulous collection! In feng shui, green is the color of wood and that represents everything energetically creative, growing and stretching.  Green is communicative and social.  Blue is the color of water.  It feeds wood just like plants are fed by rain.  Couple the two and you get the outrageously special blend of peace and action, with bonus points because it reacts like a neutral shade with a zillion color schemes! 

Fabulous dining room via Apartment Therapy

 I wish every landlord in America would give up the ugly Swiss Chocolate and Eggshell paint to please start Silver Saging everything! 

Light Silver Sage in a living room from Involving Color

How gorgeous, right?!  Personally I want to do my whole place in Silver Sage tones.  Gone are the dreams of pinks.  I am a convert! xoxo Dana



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