Art Inspiration From Hyde or Die: Get Me In Those Summer Vibes!

May 25, 2012 | Life With Art

Massimo Vitali , Otranti Red Paddle, Puglia (#4229), 2010

No one person in the universe of art can blog, talk, make  & live it quite like Alexis Hyde of the massively genius Hyde or Die blog. In a tribute to the spirit of this Holiday Weekend here in the US, here is some art inspiration for the start of Summer season by Hyde! 
As Alexis writes:
Sometimes it takes me a little while to realize that I can pack away my sweaters and open my windows and start enjoying the sun. I need to remember that it’s summer now because 1. Sunscreen and 2. Watermelon! 3. Man thighs (DON’T JUDGE) and 4. Refreshing Sea Breezes (the drink and the actual wind)!Here are my picks to get you into the mood!

Elad Lassry

Daniel Fuller 2:11 am Keiki 2010

Praia Piquinia 28/08/10

 Stephanie Gonot Untitled

Nikola Tamindzic Gravity

Want to get art smart?!  Follow Alexis and Hyde or Die on Tumblr HERE  & Twitter HERE.  I promise you will always be entertained as well as thoroughly inspired!!! 

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  1. Alexis

    You be killing it!


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