Love-Shui: Renovating Your Concept Of Love!

Jun 6, 2012 | Creativity

LOVE.  Its not just “at first sight, endless infatuation” or “dramatic passion.”  Love is the deep affinity that creates the universe.  In feng shui, the “love sector” of the home is a hotly-debated area of the home.  Your bedroom is another hotspot of love-focus.  Both- and your entire life, indeed, including your thoughts and beliefs- feed the ability to be open to love from a multitude of sources.  If you want more LOVE in your life, renovate your concept of love.  Here are 7 ways to renovate the “love sector” of your home to create more space for LOVE to happen on every level.


First of all, the “love sector” of your home is the far right area of your house from the entrance door.  Check the map above.  Its very easy to see what area of your home or property overall correlates with loving and connecting with others if you look at the map.  To take it a step further, the areas of your life that have been less than awesome (ie, your health, your career, your financial well being, etc) are just as important when thinking in terms of love because love is a holistic concept.  Its not like you can be unravelling and, at the same time, ready to be in a healthy relationship or able to fully engage in intimacy on the level you desire without raising the energy ofyour entire home & entire life gradually at the same time that you open up room to love.

Now, for some love-renovation, pure & simple:

Today’s focus is on the “love sector” of the bagua and what you can do right now to renovate that area, whatever it may be!

1. Make the room structurally brilliant.  Cracks in the walls, chipped paint, windows that don’t open, stained floors and other blah structural mishaps all signal a breakdown in the area of love.  Don’t carry “broken” concepts into your new love scenarios.  To renovate this area, literally renovate!

Grorgia O’Keeffee and natural artistic unity on canvas.

2. Storage in this area has got to be done with care.  Using this area of your home (say its your garage, storage closet or even office area) for storage is something that should be done with mindfulness.  No storing gifts from people who have broken your heart.  No junk.  No dirty stuff.  No broken stuff.  As you clean away the junk, you may find yourself opening up to the world in a new way.

3.  Use art to create a sense of unity in this area.  Again, if its a kitchen or a bathroom, you can still flood the area with a sense of unity and the sensual on a level that isn’t “extreme” but gets the job done in terms of communicating that you are not isolated in life.

Bromeliads are old-fashioned fun flowers.

4. Fire and earth will ground you in a more active “love vibe” for your life overall.  Add some red, or rouge tones, even a fresh pink or a hot fuschia bromeliad, no matter what the room may be.  Use earth (neutral shades, nature, even rocks or seashells) to “ground” that fire in sensibility and stability.  The idea isn’t to set your love in heated dramatic flames, its to create a stable yet exciting passion for life and connecting to humanity!

Pairs are better than singles!

5. Focus on pairs of things, rather than solitary objects, no matter what room it may be.  Two candelabras, two crystals, two vases… And if not two, multiples of two (4,6,8,10) to crate greater stability.

6. Invest in this area, if not with money, with time and care.  We all think we can get “love” and then it just takes care of itself.  Not true, not at all.  In our crazy lives that run a mile a minute, we have to make the time and investment in our friendships, relationships and even our relationship with ourselves so as to not be swept up in the lightning-fast wave of life.  Make the investment.  It will pay you back in dividends!

Harness the vibe of quiet, tranquil and personally introspective by leting things flow

7. In the effort to renovate your personal ideas of love, I suggest you get very personal.  For example, what your friends or family think of love is not what you need, necessarily.  You may not want a white picket fence.  You may not want to be married.  You may want to adopt.  You may choose all sorts of other unconventional relationships.  THESE MAY BE WHAT YOU NEED.  Quiet the noise.  Try filling this space with natural sounds, really personal style touches and take time during the day to get very quiet and in touch with your FEELINGS.  Men, you too! Its not often that we get a chance to exist outside the noise, and to follow your instincts well you need a clear sense of who you are and what and how you love!

Wishing you lives filled with thrilling lovey bliss! xoxo Dana

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  1. Holly

    Hello Dana!

    I’d just like to say thank you for your blogs and videos! I’ve watched them all over the last few days as i’ve been thoroughly searching the net for any info on feng shui, and your approach is so friendly and lively I really got into your site and videos, so thank you!

    Right now, i’m just at the end of the process of moving into a new house. I’ve always been fascinated with feng shui, and this time, I decided I’d make a concerted effort to really apply the principles to my new bedroom. I live in a student house and as such, i’m applying the whole of the bagua to my own space, which is my bedroom. It has to function with all the sectors, and i’m slowly drawing a map of where i’m going to put everything.

    I was wondering if you could help me a little with my relationship section. The whole of my right wall is a set of built in wardrobes so it effects the whole of that side of the bagua, any tips for dealing with this area in general would be great! But specifically for the relationship area, I thought that i’d make an altar? (I’m not sure if you do this in your own practice?) I have attached a link to a picture of the objects i’ve collected for the altar here, which i’m planning to hide inside the wardrobe on a shelf in my relationship area. I bought two round pink giant marbles, 2 smaller marbles, a piece of lapis lazuli for authenticity and self expression, a piece of rose quartz and a clear quartz cluster. I would really appreciate what you think of this arrangement. Is it beneficial or are there certain elements here that would block good relationships from developing??

    Thanks so much for any thoughts, and please keep your wonderful inspiration coming!


    Holly (Ireland)

    • danaclaudat

      Hi Holly!
      Now, I’m no expert in altars but I am pretty versed in art so let’s take this as an artwork for discussion purposes! Art that expresses unity is a good starting point for relationships. Fire colors are positive. All these quartz pieces do have actual energy and as such, make sure you clean them in sea salt or sunlight frequently so they can expel their own toxins, if you will, and stay charged up with their good juju!
      I’m so appreciative of your awesome compliments! Stay tuned: I’ll be announcing an e book that brings you through a full life feng shui process soon, and since you are on the road, I think you will love it! xx Dana

  2. Marcy

    Great article. I really need reminders about this.

    Our relationship corner is the guest bedroom. It is probably the room we go in the least. I always feel like I need to do something more personal and alive in there. I will have to think of some romantic and beautiful art.

  3. cindy

    Hi Dana, I’ve watched some youtube videos and read some articles about feng shui for love, but your article seems to make sense. I was hoping that you can help me w/my bedroom arrangement to help me find an amazing and long-lasting relationship that will lead to marriage. I have 2 dresser drawers at each side and 1 lamp that sits atop the dresser drawers. my room decor consists of white, aqua blue and black. The right side of my bed is the love sector. I’ve placed images of couples there with pink hearts (not quartz). what else can I do?

    • danaclaudat

      live!!!! thats part of it too!!! 😉 the feng shui i do is very personal so its hard to tell you exactly but you are off to a good start as long as you are feeling the changes and your bedroom feels sexy and loving to you!!! 🙂

  4. arwa

    if I live in a dorm would I focus on the far right corner of my room or my house ?

  5. arwa

    thank you!

  6. Theodora

    My kitchen is in the relationship area, and you can see it when you enter the home because there is no wall between it and the living room, which is at the center of the house. Should I put something there to separate the two? Also, any more tips on having the kitchen there? My relationships are always heated (omg just realized the radiator is at the far right corner of my far right kitchen!!), lots of arguments and miscommunication 🙁 Thank you Dana!

    • danaclaudat

      Its tricky for me to give you general tips for something specific, but I can say that you might want to amp up the kitchen with water and plants to cool it down! 🙂 And deep clean it- including over and fridge 😉

      • Theodora

        So all that hot pink I have in that corner is probably a bad idea!? Need to work on that asap! Thanks Dana!

  7. Nicole

    Hi Dana! Wonderful post! I’m moving in to a new apartment with my boyfriend, and our new bedroom has a closet along the whole right wall in the relationships area! I’m a little concerned as to where to put the bed, and how to accommodate for the closet being there. Any advice? I really don’t want my room to cockblock me, haha!

  8. Apu

    Hi i have a studio size flat. There is a 3 door cupboard in my love/marriage corner of the room. Is it ok to keep it there? I store my non-season clothes n bags etc in that cupboard. If the cupboard is not good in that area, where shud it be placed and what should i place in that corner. M generally not having a great personal life since sometime now.

    • danaclaudat

      Storage & baggage isn’t an awesome metaphor for love, is it? You picked up on it quite intuitively so I think you can do some shifting to find a home for it that works well for you and your needs!

  9. Ales

    i need help because when i enter my apartment its facing north but my stairs turn to the left and i enter my place to the west. and my love corner in the room is an old built in glass dish display. yet in the apartment all the way to the farr right is a room that where some one else what can i do?vL

    • danaclaudat

      focus in your bedroom to start 🙂


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