The Only GREAT Advice My Dad Ever Gave Me…

Jun 15, 2012 | Uncategorized

Yes, my father was a…complicated man.  I would tell you all about him but given that I’m writing a book about him (and man, its worth multiple books) my crazy-brilliant father who managed to secretly juggle three families, a booming criminal law practice and a handful of addictions was not exactly a fountain of wisdom. What he was?  Extremely perceptive.  And he knew very clearly from how insane his life was what the RIGHT things to do actually were (opposite of all he did!)   He told me one major piece of advice that I will never forget. I thought I’d pass them on to you guys in honor of Father’s Day.

Here it is: “People will show you what they are willing to give RIGHT AWAY.  Its up to you to decide whether or not that is what you want. If you are waiting for something to change, you are kidding yourself. ”

He explained… Everyone you date will show you right away how much of themselves they will share and what kind of commitment they will make pretty soon into knowing them.  Your friends will show you right away if they are on your side or not. You will know who you are working with and for pretty immediately.  If you are willing to see things for what they are and not pretend that things will one day change, you won’t ever be disappointed. 

Time and time and time again he’s proven to be right. While people will make more or less money and enjoy more of less acclaim, health, free time or even happiness throughout their lives, they will show you right away how much they are willing to share with you of themselves pretty immediately. 

Thanks Daddy.  This weekend’s for you! xoxo Dana

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  1. Melissa @ Bright Side up

    What wise words. Thinking back, I realise this is true about many people from my past. I tend to be a bad judge of character – maybe I am looking too hard and need to step back and simplify it.


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