Living In Shades Of Gorgeous Gray

Jun 21, 2012 | Home Style

Gray in feng shui is the focused, protective, polished metal element, cool yin (quiet) & subtle chic.  While we all strive to live in the white or fall into the black, the gray has a million shades of cool and precise.  Against a gray backdrop, color has more punch.  Here are ways to use the color  gray to gain more focus, precision & a more curated sensibility in life.  Plus… gray can be simply gorgeous! 

A gray living room can be an absolute sanctuary.  Choose lighter shades for more “watery” flow and deeper shades for a more intense metal strengthening vibe.  Even a simple room gains more elegance with gray. 

See how colors above leap out against the intensity of gray?  Beware of the above, though.  I would definitely have integrated more earthy tones or watery shades of blue above to create a more “livable” living room, but I love the dramatic example of color against grey.

Grey in light tones with texture can work for a bedroom, but its really dependent upon the personaility of the person who lives there.  If you tend toward consuming relationships, a bit of grey in the bedroom balanced by earthy tones can work to keep your boundaries stronger. 

My favorite? Gray offices!  Gray is a fabulous color for those who tend toward messes and disorder.  Gray is a perfecting, finishing color.  It helps you to curate your “stuff” a bit more. 

And of course, the symbolism of gray is not lost on this gray idea.  While the black & white are graphic and intense, there are a million shades of reality that are worth exploring in the gray. The extremes are not always a good thing!!!   xoxo Dana


  1. Tina

    Do you know who made the chandelier (circle) in the first picture?Thanks

    • danaclaudat

      Not sure where this one came from, but you can find a zillion versions of this DIY using string, glue, and various sized balloons to mold these “orbs” that you drop a light into. Google DIY string lamp, etc, you will find’em!!!

  2. Giobabie

    I’m glad you wrote that article. I want to paint our bedroom gray. It’s located in the Southwest corner of our house. My plan was to do it this year but was worried since this year fire is needed in that corner and was worried about how painting it gray would affect it. My bedroom is currently a cappuccino color. What are your thoughts?

    • danaclaudat

      Don’t want you to get tooo caught up in the “year of fire”! Do it, paint the room, but make sure to keep it balanced with bits of all the elements.

  3. Angel

    I want to paint my main level gray. My house is inviting people love to be here. I want to maintain that feel but I’m ready for a change. The walls are currently purple.


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