Revitalizing The Lost Art Of Thank You Notes!

Jul 26, 2012 | Prosperity

It is astonishing how far we have come from any sort of a grounded place where people express their gratitude to one another on paper, in a handwritten note.  The cards above from Parrott Design Studio are a nice dollop of joy to add to someone’s day.   I don’t care what you say, a message on Facebook or an email is not the same as a written thank you card!

Etsy is a treasure-trove of handmade letter press to indulge in! Above are some more casual and fresh Ikat cards from Oh Louise Designs.

Makolin Made devivers some of the most precious handmade stationary sets I have ever seen.  Talk about heartfelt!

Above, Silhouette Blue shows that classic letterpress never goes out of style. The cards below, also from Silhouette Blue  are a great thank you filled with graphic fire energy.  If you are looking to have repeat business with a client, score a big job or just leave a lasting impression, fire colors and patterns will help you out!

My many many reasons to write thank you notes by hand include:  leaving a material footprint on the communication path of your life, connecting to a more formal sense of gratitude, slowing down and really appreciating “old fashioned” communication, making a lasting impression, giving joy to others, establishing a visual brand…. and the list goes on.  Need I add, sending thank you notes is actually really fun to do! Now, start collecting addresses from all your cyber friends and get connected!  xoxo Dana



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