Color Therapy: Splashes Of Orange For Cheer & Good Health

Jul 27, 2012 | Sensory Goodness

Today is a dual-tribute day:  I salute the power of the color orange and have geeked out over the blog of all beautiful things orange and spirited like orange… Whorange!

Juicy, fresh and fabulous, the color orange is a monumental gift to the crayon box. Combining the physically stimulating power of red and the fundamental life force of yellow, orange is a therapeutic color in a multitude of ways. 

If you are healing from an illness, orange can help give you the fortitude and fusion to life and circulation that supports your wellness. 

If you are in a bout of depression or gloom, orange can help literally boost your spirits. 

For the lazy and unmotivated or lethargic, orange is a creativity-inducing form of fire. 

As for my tribute to Whorange, well, these images are a delightful testament to the brilliance that is a blog featuring the happy dance of tangerine, persimmon, rust and peach mixed with non-orange posts of just pure beautiful & joyous goodies, much echoing the spirit of the color itself.  Thank you Whorange! You have inspired me to get a bright orange beach towel this weekend, start painting again & revel in the even sunnier side of summer! xoxo Dana


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